What was the taste of water two billion years ago? After a taste, I almost fainted!

What was the taste of water two billion years ago? After a taste, I almost fainted!


Water is one of the most common substances in life, which is called the source of life. Every living thing needs to consume enough water every day, especially human beings. If the water does not reach the standard, the body function will be destroyed. People can live without food for a long time, but they can’t live without drinking water. For example, if people who go to the desert for adventure don’t have enough water, they can drink as much water as they have because of the impact of the environment. Suddenly, when there is no water, they will face the crisis of dying of thirst and die. Therefore, it is necessary to take enough water.


In this huge earth, the Middle East, Africa and other regions are extremely short of water, where water is more precious than oil, they have to worry about water every day. Although the earth has seven parts of the ocean, there are very few fresh water resources that can be used. Therefore, scientists often call on human beings to take good care of water resources and not to regret for losing them. In 2013, scientists discovered a kind of magical water, which has a long history on earth. What was the taste of water two billion years ago? After a taste, I almost fainted!


What was the taste of water two billion years ago?


According to the survey, it is 2 billion years ago water, everyone wants to taste how it tastes. So what does it taste like? Two billion years ago, it was too far away from us. At that time, the water was trapped in the rocks, infiltrated into the crust due to the cracks in the rocks, and was isolated for many years. It was in a closed environment for a long time, and there was no life. Over time, it became a pool of stagnant water with no vitality.


At first, scientists believed that the cavity here was caused by geological activities. There were many lava structures and maybe a lot of rare gases. However, no trace of life was found after observation. Can it be that the water is highly toxic? Once a creature accidentally eats it, it will kill it. However, scientists quickly denied this view. In the past two billion years, the number of animals on the earth is small, and there are few single celled organisms, let alone multicellular organisms, so the possibility of the existence of viruses is very small.


Why is this ancient water preserved today?


Nowadays, the water on the earth is in circulation all the time. It can be directly drunk after certain filtration and refining. The water in this pit has a history of 2 billion years and has never changed. There is a very obvious difference between the two. The scientist mustered up his courage and finally tasted the oldest water. According to his description, there is no strange smell, there is a salty taste, even better than that The water in the sea is even salty and almost fainted. Therefore, scientists speculate that it may be the long-term friction between the sea and rocks, which may easily lead to chemical reactions and produce a lot of minerals.


It’s more viscous than ordinary water. It doesn’t have any color when it’s taken out, but after a long time of contact with oxygen, it turns dark orange. It can be seen that there may be a lot of minerals in the ancient water, which will react with oxygen, so it will change color. This water from 2 billion years ago is really worth studying. What do you think is magical about it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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