What was the world like 13.8 billion years before the birth of the universe?

Einstein’s theory of relativity was formally put forward in 1915, and this theory of relativity should be the general theory of relativity. Since then, there has been a rapid development in astronomy. After all, the field of astronomy has been further refined. One of the most refined sections is cosmology. So what does cosmology study?

Cosmology actually studies the evolution of the universe as a whole and its long history.


One of the most important theories is the big bang. I believe many people have heard of this theory. Then it can be regarded as a monument of cosmology. Of course, he is also the mainstream scientific theory, and has been supported by many empirical studies. According to the model and the calculation of the detector, the universe should have been born 13.8 billion years ago. What was the world like before the birth of the universe 13.8 billion years ago?

In ancient China, there are several works that may give some thoughts to this answer. First of all, during the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, a scholar among all the schools of thought called it a corpse. At that time, he gave a definition of the universe. He said that the universe was from the four directions, and the universe was from the past to the present.

So it means that universe is a collection of space and universe is a collection of time, so the universe should be a combination of space and time. Later, other scholars in ancient China inherited and developed this kind of cognition, which is often reflected in some later articles.


In fact, we have to say that the Chinese people’s understanding of the universe has been very perfect in ancient times, so what is the point of view of the modern universe?

In fact, the view of modern cosmology refers to all matter and space-time, and also refers to space and time. According to the viewpoint of this discipline, time is possessed only when there is a universe in the world. If there is no universe in the world, then there is no time. Therefore, it is meaningless to discuss the time before the birth of the universe.


To put it bluntly, time can be calculated from 13.8 billion years ago, that is, the moment of the big bang. There are not only Einstein but also Hawking who holds this view. In his book a brief history of time, he explained this point of view.

So what is time? In fact, no one can define time, but it can be measured by Newton’s method, so this method is also called measurement definition method.

Movement also means that time can be understood by everyone. If periodic movement is properly simplified, we can understand that time is equal to movement. For example, watches are timed by mechanical vibration, while ancient Chinese calculate time by weather, brightness, sun, and seven stars. Therefore, it means that if a scientist puts forward time without movement, then this view is meaningless.


For example, Einstein has explained the measurement and definition of time itself, and discovered the general law between time and motion, so relativity came into being, and pointed out an amazing view that time means space, and space is equal to time.

Therefore, if everything in the universe originated from a big bang 13.8 billion years ago, then particles appeared in the world after the big bang. With the slow movement and combination of particles, there will be stars, collisions between stars, and then galaxies. If the universe is not born, these can not be realized at all, so it means that motion is a common thing Reality never exists. Of course, without movement, there would be no time in the world.


Therefore, there was no time before the birth of the universe – but it never means that this state does not need to be discussed, but if this state wants to be further explored, it just does not need to introduce time parameters. After all, this period is too far away from us, and so far there is no too reliable research topic.

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