What will 2021 look like? Will babawanga and Hawking’s predictions come true?

In the impression of many people, 2020 is a year of fear. We are full of hope for 2021. No one can give an accurate answer to what is waiting for us in the future. Some people also place their hopes on the prophets, who have also made predictions about the future of the earth. It’s very frightening to think that some of the predictions have been realized, so what will 2021 look like? Will these predictions come true?


There is such a prophet in Bulgaria. She is called the mother-in-law of prophecy with the power of prophecy. Her name is babawanga. She didn’t have the ability of prophecy since she was a child. When she was a child, she was involved in a huge tornado, which took her eyes away. There was only darkness left in her world, but she was not defeated by life. She still maintained an optimistic attitude. That is, after the storm, she found that she had a special ability, that is, prophecy. She can see the future development and everyone’s fate. With her fame, more and more people are seeking her help. She also makes predictions about the earth.


Babawanga’s prophecy


Someone once counted the accuracy of babawanga’s predictions, and found that 85% of her predictions have been verified, and many world events also happened in her predictions. She once predicted that in the 21st century, human beings will conquer cancer, but at the same time, the pattern of the earth will also change. There will be three giants in the world, and human beings may have differences because of different beliefs.


Hawking’s prediction


Besides babawanga, Hawking is also a prophet. He not only made great contributions to the research of black holes, but also predicted the future of the earth. He believed that artificial intelligence is the development trend in the future, but human beings should not despise artificial intelligence. In the face of human journey to find aliens, Hawking also issued a warning to mankind, if we rashly find aliens exposed the position of the earth, then it is not a good thing for mankind.


Hawking also claimed that with the development of human civilization, the earth will become hotter and hotter. By 2600, the earth will become a flaming fireball. If human beings can’t go to the second home, then we will be doomed. Because Hawking’s life is very legendary and his achievements in the field of science can not be underestimated, many people believe what Hawking said. Will the words of these two prophets really come true?


Although we are not sure what the future situation will be, there is no doubt that the earth’s environment is no longer what it used to be. With the vigorous development of human civilization, the earth’s environment has indeed undergone irreversible changes. Maybe these predictions are just based on the changes of the earth’s environment, and we should treat them dialectically. So if human civilization wants to develop for a longer time, I believe everyone already knows what to do.

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