What will be the fate of mankind in 100 million years? Scientists have proposed four possibilities, which one do you agree with

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and 600 million years later, the early simple life appeared. After a long period of evolution, life finally gave birth to human beings millions of years ago. After millions of years of evolution and development, mankind has now had a brilliant scientific and technological civilization.

When human beings enter the era of science and technology and have more knowledge of the world, they often think about such a question: can human beings continue to develop forever? If so, what will be the fate of mankind after 100 million? The reason why many people think about this problem is that the life history of the earth is very long. In such a long period of billions of years, has there really been only human civilization?

Some people once put forward the conjecture of prehistoric civilization that before the birth of human beings, the earth also had other prehistoric civilizations. In the Maya prophecy, there are different epochs. Since the birth of the earth, there have been five epochs, each of which has the appearance of wisdom civilization. Human beings are only the rulers of the fifth era.


If the era predicted by Maya is true, it shows that the development of civilization is cyclical, and any civilization will last forever. In this regard, scientists have put forward four possibilities for the fate of human beings in 100 million years’ time. I don’t know which one you will approve after reading?

1、 Brilliant interstellar age, this conjecture is the most positive and optimistic one. Human beings can achieve the exponential development of science and technology in a short period of hundreds of years. It will give human beings 100 million years of science and technology development time. It is difficult to imagine how strong science and technology will develop. It is likely that the brilliant interstellar age in science fiction and movies will be realized in reality.

If the science and technology of human civilization continued to develop steadily for 100 million years, it would not be a big problem to enter the interstellar civilization. At that time, the galaxy was just a small village in the eyes of human beings, and superluminal flight could easily travel all corners of the galaxy.

And in the interstellar age, flying faster than light was nothing. At that time, humans mastered dark matter, dark energy. If we master the space hopping technology and the artificial wormhole technology, the distance of the universe is no longer a problem. We can crisscross in every corner of the universe. Maybe at that time, human beings have solved the ultimate mystery of the universe and moved towards a higher goal.


Another achievement of the interstellar age that is very important to human beings is that scientists have finally completely solved the mystery of life. Human life expectancy will increase exponentially. Even if we can’t achieve immortality and immortality, we can increase human life expectancy by hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of times. A long life span is very important for human beings to carry out interstellar exploration and scientific research.

The above conjecture is developing in a good direction, but there are good and bad. Scientists are more worried about the fate of human beings in 100 million years. The following three conjectures are all about the bad fate of human beings.

2、 Human civilization is destroyed by nuclear war. Human beings are a very aggressive nation. Since ancient times, wars of all sizes have never stopped. Since modern times, two world wars have broken out, and we all know the cruelty of the war.


The war in ancient times was a cold weapon war. No matter how large the scale, it would not have much impact on the whole ecology of the earth. After entering the era of science and technology, the two World Wars also did not cause much impact on the ecological environment. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, weapons are becoming more and more powerful. The future war is full of many unknown and huge dangers. Once out of control, it may be the end of human civilization and the end of life on earth.

I believe many people know that the most powerful weapon of mankind now is nuclear weapons. The real horror of nuclear weapons is the nuclear radiation and nuclear pollution after the outbreak. It will cause serious damage to the ecological environment of the earth, and will make countless organisms lose their lives. If the third world war breaks out in the future, after the white hot stage, human beings will lose their rationality, and the outbreak of nuclear war will be inevitable.

Once the global nuclear war breaks out, countless nuclear explosions will occur in all parts of the world, causing enough nuclear pollution to destroy the whole earth’s ecology. At that time, the terrible sixth mass extinction will come, and more than 90% of the world’s life may be extinct, which may be inevitable for mankind.

3、 Great natural disasters come. When human beings go out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will know the insignificance of the earth and human beings. At the same time, we also understand that the space where the earth is located is not absolutely safe. There are many disasters that can threaten the earth in space. The closest disaster to us is asteroid impact.


66 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers hit the earth, causing the fifth mass extinction, which led to the extinction of the dominant dinosaur at that time. In the solar system, the number of asteroids is too large to be estimated. Many asteroids are tens of kilometers in diameter or even hundreds of kilometers in diameter.

If one day, an asteroid with a diameter of 100 kilometers hits the earth, it will be the last song of life, and all life on the earth will not be spared. With human science and technology, if we really want to intercept asteroids more than 100 kilometers, we may not be able to do it for hundreds of years.

In addition to the asteroid impact, the earth’s natural disasters are also increasing. These natural disasters are basically related to human activities, such as the greenhouse effect caused by the rapid development of industry, the rising global temperature, the melting of the north and south poles, the aggravation of typhoons, the aggravation of forest fires, the recovery of ancient frozen soil, etc. These increasing disasters are likely to bring disaster to mankind.


4、 The invasion of alien civilization, although human after more than half a century of exploration of extraterrestrial civilization, still did not find any traces of alien civilization, but with the continuous improvement of human understanding of the universe, the existence of alien civilization is also more firm.

The main reason why we can’t find any alien civilization is that human technology is so backward that we can’t go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies. Although human science and technology can not go out of the solar system to explore alien civilization, it does not mean that alien civilization can not come to the solar system.

If there are many intelligent civilizations in the universe, then different civilizations will be born and developed at different times. Some civilizations may have developed for tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years and have already become powerful interstellar civilizations. It is not difficult for an interstellar civilization to come to the solar system from a distant galaxy. The wisdom of civilization can not be simply good and peace loving, the truth of the jungle is also applicable in the universe civilization.

If the malicious civilization discovers the existence of the earth by accident, it may send a fleet to the earth. At that time, it may be a huge disaster waiting for mankind. In the eyes of a powerful alien civilization, humans are no different from weak ants.


Of course, the above questions about the fate of mankind in 100 million years are just a series of conjectures of scientists. No one knows how the real situation will be interpreted. In any case, the only way for human beings to change their destiny in the future is to develop science and technology.

The power of science and technology is incomparable and full of infinite possibilities. As long as the scientific and technological strength of human beings is strong enough, any cosmic disaster can be eliminated. Even if one day, the life of the universe has come to an end, human beings can also rely on the power of science and technology to find a trace of life.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.


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