What will happen if a bullet is fired from space to the earth?

Human beings have stepped out of the earth and begun to explore the universe. The environment of the universe is completely different from that of the earth. Scientists are also conducting various experiments in space. Some friends with big brain holes have also come up with various space experiments, and this year we are going to discuss one of them. A friend asked: if we shoot a bullet from space to the earth, what will happen? You may not believe the answer.

On earth, we all know that after a bullet is fired, it will fall to the ground after flying forward for a certain distance due to the influence of the gravity of the earth. Coupled with the friction of the air, the flight distance of the bullet is limited, and the power of the bullet is not small.

In space, because the space is in a vacuum state, there is no gravity or the minimum gravity can be ignored. At this time, after the bullet is launched, the speed of the bullet will be very fast under the acceleration of the muzzle speed. If there is no external force, it will fly all the time.


The power of a bullet in space is much greater than that of the earth. Its power comes from its speed. The speed of a bullet in space is very fast. As long as a satellite is hit by a bullet, it may have to be scrapped. So what happens when a bullet goes from space to earth? Will it do harm to the earth? In fact, at present, our bullets can’t cause damage to the earth at all. When the bullets enter the atmosphere from space, under the action of atmospheric friction, the temperature of the bullets will rise rapidly, and finally burn out, disappear, and never go to the ground.

Some people may say that if the bullet is larger and made of special material, it can withstand high temperature and is not afraid of the friction and high temperature of the atmosphere, and can effectively hit the ground. If this is the case, the ground may face a catastrophe. As we all know, a small meteorite in space is not big, but as long as it burns up when it does not pass through the atmosphere, it will be quite powerful when it hits the ground.

The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago was caused by the impact of an asteroid on the earth. The asteroid was not too big. However, due to the high-speed impact on the earth, the disaster resulted in the extinction of 90% of the organisms on the earth, including dinosaurs. Therefore, as long as the speed of an object hitting the earth in space is large enough, the more powerful it will be.

Some scientists once put forward a hypothesis: if a bullet hits the earth at the speed of light, it will bring destruction to the earth. Of course, in reality, the speed of a bullet cannot reach the speed of light. However, if the bullet is made of special materials, it will be launched from space and finally hit the ground, and its power is not small. I believe many friends have heard of space-based weapons. Some people call it the scepter of God. The so-called space-based weapon is a small iron bar, which is equivalent to an enlarged version of a bullet. The material of this iron bar is specially made.


This iron rod is installed on a satellite in space, and then it will fall to the earth target in space. Under the action of acceleration, its speed will be faster and faster, and finally it will hit the ground. Its power is no less than that of a nuclear bomb, and it is a completely non radiation super weapon. Although the open base weapon has not been used yet, it is not complicated.

A bullet launched from space is actually equivalent to a miniature version of a space-based kinetic energy weapon. As long as the initial launching speed is higher, and the bullet is not afraid of friction and high temperature, a small bullet may easily destroy a base. Do you think it’s powerful? Of course, the bullet material we use now is not good. It will be burned up by friction and high temperature after passing through the atmosphere.

There was once a science fiction about a battle between civilizations. One of the civilizations fired a needle at the initial speed of light a few light years ago, which was about the size of our ordinary bullet. But the bullet was very hard and heavy. When a small bullet is fired at the initial speed of light, the target is the opponent’s cue ball. At the initial speed of light, the bullet flew to the target planet several light years away.


We can imagine that the initial speed is the speed of light, and it will be faster and faster after it is launched. When it reaches the target planet, the speed actually exceeds the speed of light, and the final result is that the other party’s parent star is destroyed. From this, we can see whether a bullet is powerful or not. One is the material. What’s more important is its acceleration. As long as the acceleration is large enough and the launching speed is large enough, the planet can also be destroyed by a small bullet. No wonder it’s not heavy. Some people say that if a bullet hits the earth at the speed of light, the earth will be destroyed.

Although there will be no consequence when human bullets are launched from space to the earth, with the continuous progress of science and technology, it is really possible for us to use bullets as a weapon for space defense in the future. This is the simplest and direct kinetic energy weapon. If the initial velocity can go up, whether it is the opposite spacecraft or other targets, it can be destroyed.

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