What will happen if all the water heavy as the sun falls on the sun?

What will happen if all the water heavy as the sun falls on the sun?


The sun is like a big fireball, which continuously radiates light and heat to make the earth warm like spring. The birth of every life is inseparable from the moistening of sunlight. The importance of sunlight, water and oxygen is equal. If a creature does not shine for a long time, its body function will destroy its balance. Take people for example, they have to be exposed to sunlight every day. Once there is no sunlight, the whole person will become bloodless, just like dysplasia. The sun is the most central part of the solar system. It has been burning for 4.6 billion years and its mass is amazing. What does it rely on to burn so far?


How does the sun burn?


The interior of the sun is in a state of vacuum, which is different from the earth. The earth is full of oxygen. Every organism absorbs oxygen and emits carbon dioxide, which leads to different combustion between the sun and the earth. The reason why it can emit light and heat is not oxidation-reduction reaction, but hydrogen nuclear fusion, which occupies a large number of hydrogen elements. When four hydrogen nuclei collide with each other, a helium nucleus will be produced, bringing endless energy. In the core area of the sun, the temperature once reached 16 million degrees, and all objects will turn into ash instantly if they are close to each other. What will happen if all the water heavy as the sun falls on the sun?


According to statistics, the sun will lose 4.26 million tons of mass every second of nuclear fusion. In the past 4.6 billion years, the sun has lost almost 103 earths’ weight due to nuclear fusion. Many people have been wondering what would happen if the weight of the sun’s water was poured on the sun? Can you water out the sun? The conditions of the sun are extremely harsh, not only the temperature is high, but also the pressure is high enough to overcome the electromagnetic force to produce nuclear fusion, but the temperature of the sun is low, nuclear fusion can not be carried out.


What happens when you pour water on the sun, which is as heavy as the sun?


Even if so much water is poured on the sun, it may not cool it quickly, because the heat of the sun does not come from the surface, but from the deep. The heat from the deep is difficult to be taken away by the peripheral water, and it will only evaporate all the water. Adding water to the sun will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire. It will only burn more and more vigorously, and the collapse effect will become stronger, releasing more energy per second than before, The more massive a star is, the more heat it emits.


Take Sirius as an example. Its mass is two times larger than that of the earth, so the heat generated per second is 25 times more than that of the earth. Everyone must have the answer in mind. The water with the weight of the sun poured on the sun will not only not cause the sun to go out, but also make it burn more and more vigorously.


However, there is also a big disadvantage, which will accelerate the disappearance of the sun. Scientists predict that the sun will have 5 billion years of life. If so much water is poured, it may have 1 billion years of life left, which is five times less. This is an outcome that we don’t want to see. If the sun really disappears, it means that the earth will fall into eternal darkness, and it will be out of sight It’s frightening to think about it. The position of the sun is very important. What’s your understanding of the sun? You can leave a message for interaction.

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