What will happen if astronauts accidentally fall into space without wearing space suits?

We don’t know what the universe is like and what the environment of the universe is like before we walk out of the earth. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, we soon realize our dream of flying to the sky and walk out of the earth. Only at this time can we understand that the universe is vast and mysterious and dangerous.

When human beings went out of the earth and began to explore the universe, a glorious and great career was born, which was astronaut. I believe many people admire and admire astronauts. They think they are very great and can go out to space to have a look. But when you understand the danger and cruelty of the universe, you don’t think so.

The universe is a vacuum environment, there is a strong space radiation, so activities in space must wear space suits, otherwise there will be life-threatening. So someone put forward such a question: if an astronaut accidentally falls into space without wearing a spacesuit in space, what will happen? First of all, we can be 100% sure that we will die. Of course, if we can rescue the astronauts in time within dozens of seconds, there may still be life inside the spacecraft, but this situation is almost impossible in space.


There is no air in space, it is a vacuum state. In this kind of environment, if an astronaut does not have the protection of a spacesuit, the air in his body will move out quickly under the action of pressure. I believe friends who have studied physics can understand what it is. Because there is a strong pressure in our body and on the surface of the earth, the pressure inside and outside the human body forms a balance, so that we can live safely on the earth.

There is no air in space, the pressure is very low, and the pressure in the human body is the same as that on the earth. In this way, the pressure difference will be formed, and the air in the body will rush outward quickly. At this time, the astronaut will not expand and edema, and the whole body will expand like a balloon, and then suffocate to death.

Of course, this is only a risk in space, and there is also the temperature in space. I believe many friends know that the background radiation temperature in space is very low, about minus 270 ℃, which is infinitely close to absolute zero. Of course, because the sun is a star in space, there will still be a sunny side, but this is also a stronger temperature. It can be said that the temperature in the sun, whether it is cold or hot, is an extreme temperature, and the temperature difference is very large.

If you don’t wear a space suit facing the sun, under the strong radiation of the sun and various cosmic rays, the human body is like being locked in an oven. Soon, the skin will be scorched, and the moisture in the human body will vaporize, and begin to bubble, and even the body will burst and explode.


If the human body is on the shady side without the sun, although the body will not be scorched, blistered or even cracked, due to the low temperature environment of minus 270 degrees, the human body will quickly freeze into an ice sculpture. When encountering the impact of an object, the block will break into tens of thousands of pieces. If you encounter the sun again, it will turn into water with the rapid rise of temperature.

After watching these situations, I believe many friends should understand the cruelty of the cosmic environment, and also understand that astronauts are not so good. They have to face all kinds of complex unknown environments in space. Therefore, the spacesuit must be worn on the body, and it will only be taken off when resting in the spaceship. They have made great contributions to the exploration of space.

In the future, with the continuous progress of human space technology, the demand for astronauts will be more and more, and more astronauts will join in this great cause. Of course, the selection of astronauts is very strict, not just you want to be. Generally, they are selected from pilots. And with the continuous development of science and technology, future astronauts will be more and more powerful.


The astronauts of the future will not be so bloated as they are now, but will be like lightweight development, and will be dressed like our ordinary clothes. May you say that this kind of spacesuit can provide safety protection? In fact, it’s totally OK. This kind of close fitting light spacesuit is just like underwear worn by each of us. It looks like ordinary light clothes, but the materials are totally different.

The astronauts made of this material can easily resist all kinds of dangers from space, such as pressure, all kinds of cosmic radiation and so on. This is not only a symbol of the progress of human civilization in the future, but also a result of the rapid development of science and technology.

It’s only a few decades since human beings went out of the earth to explore the universe, and they know very little about the universe, which may not even be the skin. Facing the vast universe, we can’t even go out of a small solar system, let alone explore the Milky way and extragalactic space. Only when human beings have the ability of sub light speed, light speed technology and even super light speed flight in the future, can we have the hope of exploring the whole universe.

Of course, the speed of light and superluminal technology are still too far away for human beings. Even if the speed of subluminal is relatively low, we don’t know how many years it will take for human beings to realize it. Only when the speed of subluminal flight is realized, can human beings hope to go out of the solar system and explore some galaxies around it. To explore the extraterrestrial civilization outside the solar system, otherwise we will never be able to expand our horizons if we stay in the solar system, and it is even more difficult to discover extraterrestrial civilization.


Maybe in the universe, every star system like the solar system will only give birth to an intelligent civilization. If so, if human beings want to get in touch with alien civilization, they must go out of the solar system and explore other galaxies. The nearest star system to the solar system is Centaurus, which is 4 light years away from the earth. If they fly at sub light speed, it may take decades or so arrive. If it is at the current speed of human spaceship, it may take about 100000 years to arrive, so speed is the king in the universe.

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