What will happen if human beings dig through the earth? The answer may not come to your mind

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Although it is our own home, our cognition of this home has not really started until we enter the era of science and technology. In ancient times, due to the lack of scientific and technological knowledge, people naturally did not know what the earth was like.

In the eyes of the ancients, the earth is an endless world with no end. However, when mankind enters the era of science and technology, advanced means of transportation continue to appear, and the distance between the earth is no longer a problem. At this time, people realize that the earth also has a size. As human beings walk out of the earth and look at the earth from space, they really realize the appearance of the earth, how beautiful it is, and at the same time measure the size of the earth.

It’s very easy to measure the diameter of the earth from space. The data is 12756 kilometers. At the same time, people also understand that human beings have always lived on the surface of the earth. Even if we live on the surface of the earth, what kind of world is on the surface of the earth? I believe many people are very curious about the world under our feet and want to know the situation inside the earth.


However, with the current technology of human beings, we can understand the situation of the earth’s surface through satellites and the situation of the ocean through diving equipment, but we have no way to go deep into the interior of the planet for exploration. Some people may say that if you want to understand the situation inside the earth, you can just dig through the earth?

Let’s not say whether human beings have the ability to dig through the earth. Even if we have the ability to do so, can we do so? If human beings dig through the earth, it may bring similar disasters and consequences. Many friends may ask: what will happen if we dig through the earth? The answer may not come to many people’s mind. Today we will discuss and study it.

Although we have not been able to explore the earth’s interior, scientists have divided the earth into three layers, the crust layer, the mantle layer and the earth’s core layer through the detection of seismic waves. One layer is thicker than the other. The thinnest layer is the crust, with an average thickness of 17000 meters. Have scientists ever explored the earth’s interior? Of course, there are many.

As for the situation inside the earth, not only ordinary people are very interested in it, but also scientists are more interested in it. There are many legends about the earth’s interior, the inner world. Scientists also want to understand the real situation inside the earth through scientific exploration. In many earth excavation experiments, the most famous one is the Kola ultra deep drilling carried out by scientists of the former Soviet Union in the 1970s.


Kola ultra deep drilling experiment project lasted for 20 years, the deepest reached 12263 meters. Later, the experiment stopped and the hole was closed. There are many legends about the stop of kola ultra deep drilling experiment, but there is only one real reason: the high temperature inside makes the experiment impossible.

As we all know, the earth’s surface looks warm and calm, but the earth’s interior is a high temperature environment, and with the increasing depth, the humidity is also increasing, and its humidity has reached more than 6000 degrees Celsius. With such high humidity, the bit material can’t bear it at all. Without the drill degree of hardness, it can’t drill those rocks, so the experiment can only be stopped.

Many people may think that 12263 meters is already very deep, but it is quite different from the average thickness of 17000 meters of the earth’s crust. This drill hole does not even break the crust, let alone dig into the most mysterious slow layer, which is several times thicker than the crust. The thickness of the earth’s core is much larger than that of the earth’s mantle layer. Therefore, if we want to dig through the earth, we need stronger high temperature resistant materials.


Some people may think that human beings will never be able to dig through the earth. In fact, this is not the case. The key to digging through the earth is super resistant materials. As long as with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous upgrading of drill materials, once upgraded to materials that can resist the high temperature inside the earth, digging through the earth will not be a dream at that time. Although human beings have the ability to dig through the earth in the future, we can’t do that. The reason can be analyzed by the earth itself and the earth outside.

First of all, for the earth itself, the earth is equivalent to a high-temperature and high-pressure sphere with high density. The interior is not only a high-temperature environment, but also a high-pressure environment. High temperature makes the interior of the earth present a state of liquid flow. Especially deep in the earth’s core, it is the core of the continuous circulation and flow of liquid matter. The earth can produce a strong magnetic field because the earth’s core is in a state of motion, and the earth’s ecological balance also benefits from the deep material flow in the earth’s core.

If we dig through the earth, it’s equivalent to opening a hole in a sealed high-temperature and high-pressure tank filled with liquid substances. As a result, I believe that all our friends can be there, and the liquid substances in the tank will erupt quickly. The earth is also the same road, at that time, the earth’s internal high-temperature liquid material will erupt again under the effect of high pressure.

The high temperature rock from the eruption will go straight to the atmosphere, ignite part of the atmosphere and plunge the earth into a sea of fire. Of course, at that time, human science and technology might have been very developed, and the fire-fighting ability was also first-class. It was possible that the fire could be put out soon, and the earth would not be in a burning state. But a more serious problem may arise, that is, the disappearance of the magnetic field.


As we said just now, the earth can have a strong magnetic field, which is inseparable from the movement of the earth’s core, which is equivalent to a stable perpetual motion machine. Constant movement forms the earth’s stable ecological environment and strong magnetic field. But if we dig through the earth, we may destroy the movement of the earth’s core. If the movement of the earth’s core stops, the consequences may be very terrible. The earth’s ecology will become unstable and the magnetic field will disappear.

The disappearance of the magnetic field has serious consequences. We can take a look at the current Martian environment. Scientists believe that the early Mars also had a magnetic field, a thick atmosphere and liquid water on its surface. But later, for some unknown reason, the Martian magnetic field disappeared, the atmosphere continued to escape, getting thinner and thinner, and the liquid water on the surface also continued to drain, becoming a barren planet now.

It can be seen that digging through the earth will bring great damage to the earth itself, and the consequences are unimaginable. Having said that, let’s take a look at the outside of the earth. Outside the earth is the solar system, which has not only one earth, but also seven other planets and countless asteroids.


If the earth is dug through and the air pressure inside the earth leaks, the mass of the earth will change. As we all know, the planets in the solar system can stably move around the sun and form a stable orbit. One of the reasons is that the mass of the planet itself does not change much, so the stable mass has stable gravity. But if the mass of the earth changes, so does the gravity it generates.

If the mass of a planet changes obviously, the consequences are quite terrible. The earth’s rotation and revolution may change at any time. If the earth’s orbit changes, it is very dangerous whether it is approaching the sun or escaping. If it is approaching the sun, the temperature will keep rising. If it is not, it will be like Venus The high temperature of the environment, the earth life can not survive.

If you are far away from the current orbit, it will also be fatal. The temperature of the earth will continue to drop, and the probability of being hit by an asteroid will greatly increase. In the long period of 4.6 billion years, the earth has rarely seen asteroid impact. One of the important reasons is that the earth’s orbit is just behind Jupiter, and there is a huge Jupiter in front of it. Only in this way can the earth develop steadily. Only now can there be the birth of later life and human beings.

If the earth’s orbit changes and there is no longer Jupiter’s protection, the probability of being hit by an asteroid will be thousands of times higher than now. Although asteroid impact can’t destroy the earth, it can destroy the life on the earth. We should know that 65 million years ago, an asteroid impact on the earth caused the extinction of more than 80% of the earth’s life, including dinosaurs. If the earth is often hit by asteroids, life on the earth will be difficult to survive.


This shows how terrible it is to dig the earth through. Fortunately, human beings can’t do it now, but human science and technology are always advancing rapidly. If there is such a day in the future, will someone do such a stupid thing as digging the earth through? It may also be difficult to say that human beings themselves are an adventurous, exciting and crazy civilization, otherwise human civilization could not develop so fast.

Once human beings really have the ability to dig through the earth, maybe someone will do it. In that case, human beings will be ready to immigrate to other planets. Fortunately, one day, human science and technology are believed to be very developed, and we may be able to immigrate to other planets when the earth can’t survive, so we don’t have to worry about human civilization.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.


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