What will happen if nuclear weapons explode in space? The result is unexpected!

Many friends have heard the saying that if a meteorite hits the earth one day, they can carry nuclear weapons with intercontinental missiles. Maybe the meteorites that hit the earth will be destroyed in space, but I don’t know if you have considered such a problem. Does detonating nuclear weapons in space have any impact on human beings?


The US side has developed a weapon with extremely high lethality, namely nuclear weapons, and the war of the last century is coming to an end. And the nuclear bomb was launched into two Japanese cities, which eventually led to devastating consequences. After the fierce nuclear competition, every country wants to have powerful nuclear weapons. There are basically 1000 in the world.

These two nuclear bombs can destroy the earth, although the results of their explosions on land are obvious, but what if they happen in thin air space? Ordinary countries can only make assumptions, but the active US side has decided to conduct a real experiment to reduce the impact on its own country. This experiment will be conducted in Hawaii to reduce the impact on the local area.


In the 1960s, before that, the United States had conducted 1053 nuclear weapon tests. Therefore, the tests conducted on land obtained very detailed information. The United States decided to set the test site in outer space and send the manufactured nuclear weapons into outer space with launchers to detonate and observe the power of the explosion.


Of course, this nuclear test is the first time in the world to detonate a nuclear weapon in outer space. No one knows what the final impact will be. The US side has decided to make preparations in advance to prevent major accidents. It is necessary to ensure the smooth progress of this test. A total of three nuclear missiles have been launched in this test.

However, in the process of launching these three nuclear bombs, problems occurred in both of them: one bomb exploded as soon as it left the ground, and two bombs exploded 50 kilometers away from the ground. Fortunately, the last bomb successfully completed its intended target and was put into the intended orbit.


After the nuclear weapon explosion, because there is no suitable air in outer space, it can not produce the corresponding shock wave and unique mushroom cloud, which is just a flash point. Because of the explosion in outer space, there is no radiation effect on the earth, but the explosion will produce the corresponding pulse.


Pulsation has certain interference to the communication power system in other areas. On the whole, the power of nuclear weapons cannot be fully demonstrated in outer space. Due to the lack of corresponding air, shock waves can not be generated, thus posing a threat to the surrounding troops and weapons. If there is a war in outer space, countries still need to study specific weapons to confront.

In addition, the orbit of the nuclear weapon explosion was very close to the important satellite of the US side, so many functions of the satellite were destroyed after the explosion. It is the pulse wave produced by the explosion of nuclear weapons that makes the atmosphere on the equator react physically to form Aurora, which can be seen in specific areas.

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