What will happen if the forest area of the earth doubles? The scene of hundreds of millions of years ago may reappear!

What will happen if the forest area of the earth doubles? The scene of hundreds of millions of years ago may reappear!


Forest is known as the lung of the earth. There are countless plants living here. Plants absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and release a lot of oxygen, providing fresh air for all living things on the earth and maintaining ecological balance. Its importance is no less than that of that year. Someone once imagined what would happen to the earth when the forest area was reduced? Some people speculate that all life on earth may suffer a catastrophe, which will have a huge impact. In other words, is the larger the forest area, the better? What would happen if it more than doubled today?

Scientists have made an in-depth study of this problem and analyzed the consequences, which may be unbearable to human beings. First of all, the carbon element on the earth is very important. Its activity is very high. It circulates back and forth in the atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. Most of these carbon elements exist in the form of carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide melts with water, it will form carbonic acid, and carbonic acid will release a large amount of carbon dioxide. This process circulates back and forth to form a perfect ecosystem, so water and carbon dioxide are closely related The carbon reaction is reversible. What will happen if the forest area of the earth doubles? The scene of hundreds of millions of years ago may reappear!


The importance of carbon in nature


In the huge biosphere, plants use photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide, and finally enter the biosphere. Most of the carbon elements exist in the form of organic carbon, which can be converted into carbon dioxide and released. The ecosystem includes producers, decomposers and consumers. Some microbes break it down. Some carbon will also enter the lithosphere due to geological activities and form some natural minerals. Carbon has always maintained the balance of each biosphere.

When volcanic activity releases carbon dioxide to the earth’s surface and then into the hydrosphere and atmosphere, the cycle never ends. The earth is in constant motion. This cycle will maintain balance and make more and more organisms adapt to this environment. If the number of forests doubles, it is possible to reproduce the scene of 377 million years ago.


The origin of the earth’s super mantle plume event


Once there was a super mantle plume event on the earth, a large amount of carbon dioxide was released, forming a greenhouse effect, and the temperature gradually rose. In the next 100000 years, the earth’s environment became warm, and more and more forests appeared one after another. These forests would release a lot of oxygen, making the oxygen content more and more abundant, becoming a paradise for animals. Those animals are huge because they absorb too much oxygen, but a catastrophe is coming quietly.

Because there was no lignin decomposing organism on the earth at that time, carbon was fixed in plants and it was difficult to enter the circulatory system, so carbon dioxide was reduced and everything withered. If the number of forests really increases, the ecological balance of the earth will be destroyed in a short time. In addition, with the decrease of carbon dioxide content, the earth will become colder and colder in the future, and the scene of hundreds of millions of years ago will reappear. It is true that the extreme will turn against the extreme, so a suitable number of forests will contribute to the survival of life. What else do you know about forests? You can leave a message for interaction.

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