What will happen if the human race shrinks 100 times? Or even the ants!

What will happen if the human race shrinks 100 times? Or even the ants!


Some scientists once thought that the microscopic lens is macroscopic, and the macroscopic lens is also microscopic. This statement is more complicated, but also easy to understand. Human beings live on the earth. If there is no pursuit, then life is meaningless. All along, human beings hold a heart of awe in outer space and ocean, and want to set foot in these unknown fields. For human beings, space and oceans are like mountains that can’t be crossed. It’s very difficult to really understand them.


In the whole nuota universe, human beings are as small as a drop in the ocean. Some people have put forward such a puzzle. If one day, human beings will shrink by 100 times, will they become the leader on the earth? This is indeed a question worth pondering. If it is reduced by 100 times, the height and weight of people will be reduced. If we calculate carefully, the average height of human is only 1.7 cm and the weight is only tens of Mg, which is no different from that of ants. What will happen if the human race shrinks 100 times? Or even the ants!


If we want to make a careful comparison, perhaps ants are much bigger than humans. As we all know, ants live in two-dimensional space. Before human beings shrink, ants see human beings as a giant. Our casual behavior can make ants homeless and lose their lives. We can see how harmful the huge human beings are to ants, and what kind of human beings will become after shrinking?


First of all, it will be more difficult for human beings to survive on the earth. After all, there are tens of thousands of living creatures on the earth, and the number of ants alone is much more than that of human beings. In addition, ants are omnivorous food and eat almost everything. In the face of shrinking human beings, they may bully human beings, even if human beings have the consciousness and wisdom to face these huge sizes You can’t help your ants.


Obviously, it is almost impossible for human beings to continue to dominate the earth. By then, everything on the earth will be very dangerous. If the size of human beings is reduced by 100 times, which is almost as big as that of mice. Although mice are much larger than ants, there is very little hope that they will rule the earth. If human beings unite, they can create many tools with their hands and build their own homes. However, this process is very difficult, and the possibility of short-term realization is very small.


Human beings have to adapt to the fact of shrinking by 100 times before they can reconsider ruling the earth. Moreover, it is not easy to build a home, and the living environment of human beings will be challenged and threatened. Therefore, human beings should cherish everything they have. Whether the size or height is reduced by 100 times, it is extremely terrible for human beings. The earth has given human life, and we should cherish all that the earth has given us. These are so precious. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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