What will happen if you look at a mirage with a telescope? Can you see more details?

Mirage with a telescope to watch, there will be a different effect? It’s worth a try!


For people living in the seaside, mirage is a common phenomenon. Generally, it will appear above the sea, in the clouds, forming some hazy images. These images are not immutable, they will change gradually according to the air environment and the flow of the atmosphere. These scenes are not real scenes, but virtual images.


The cause of mirage


From a scientific point of view, the reason for the formation of mirage is a kind of scene caused by light refraction. In different media, the speed and direction of light propagation will change, and the light will change due to the influence of media. This phenomenon is called light refraction. For the simplest example, the chopsticks we usually use are straight, but when we put them into a cup with water, we will see that the chopsticks are bent, which looks very unreal. The reason for this phenomenon is that the density of the two is different. When the light passes through, the angle produced is also different, so we can see it There are two forms of chopsticks.


Air is also a kind of medium. It is not as uniform as water, but will be affected by external forces. Generally, the closer to the ground, the higher the density of air, and the farther away from the ground, the smaller the force. Refraction of light is so common in our real life that we ignore it. Depending on the density and humidity of the air, mirages appear above the sea. At this time, we will realize that the original light through refraction can also produce so beautiful.


It is also very harsh to meet the conditions of mirage. If there is no wind force, or the wind force is very weak, or there is strong wind, resulting in the change of air density, mirage can not be generated under these conditions. Or is the mirage behind the county seat usually far away from us, so it is very difficult to see some details of its refraction. Some people have proposed that if we use a telescope to watch the mirage, can we see more details? Will it give us a new experience?


Mirage with telescope


In fact, whether you look with a telescope or with human eyes, what you see is almost the same as the mirage effect, because the telescope is invented according to the structure of human eyes. In the process of looking with a telescope, after focusing, it will form a magnified and upright virtual image. The most obvious difference is that the focusing ability of the telescope will be stronger. If we use the telescope to observe a mirage, it may be clearer than what the human eye sees, because the scene we see will be bigger and more colorful.


In science, we think it is a kind of refraction phenomenon of mirage, and we can find the prototype in real life. However, there have been several such events in history, and we can’t find the source, including the Aegean incident in 1954. What do you think of the formation of mirage?

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