What will happen in the grave after death? How many years does it take to be buried and turned into bones?

In movies and TV plays, we often see the appearance of bones. Once bones appear, we generally think that this person has been dead for many years. But in fact, it is not. Although we live in the present world, many people are very interested in “the world after death”. Do you know how long it will take for people to lose their life signs and become white bones?


After death, within two hours, people will lose their temperature, and their blood will no longer flow. Instead, they will gradually cool down in their blood vessels, and their body functions will disappear completely. At this time, people have basically begun to become stiff.

Xiaobian remembers that some people thought that people should start to rot from the surface of the human body after death, but it is not. There are many bacteria in the abdomen of the human body, and the temperature is also relatively high, so it is easy to make these bacteria multiply rapidly after death. About 30-40 hours after death, the abdomen begins to fill with gas and soften due to bacterial decomposition.


In the next week, microbes spread from the abdomen to the whole body, gradually decomposing the whole body. In this process, if the corpse is exposed to the air, it often takes only 1-2 months to become a skeleton (it has to be said that the power of microbial decomposition is really strong). But if it is buried in the soil, due to the temperature, humidity and other reasons, it will take about 3-6 months to completely become white bones.


Many people may feel terrible about this, but in fact, human bones are also a part of our body. When a person leaves the world, his spirit will disappear, and his body will be decomposed by microorganisms. The only thing left is white bones.

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