What will happen to the earth if the desert is turned into an oasis? Scientists found something wrong!

What will happen to the earth when all the deserts on the earth are replaced by oases?


There are dense forests and arid deserts on the earth. From Australia to Africa to North America, there are deserts everywhere. Deserts hinder the communication between human beings. Too much vegetation is not allowed to survive in deserts. The living creatures that can survive have indomitable vitality. Nowadays, the contradiction between human and desert is becoming more and more intense, and even many people begin to take root in the desert, hoping that the arid desert will become an oasis suitable for human habitation.


Although the desert environment is bad, its existence is also valuable. Scientists have analyzed the position of desert in the earth. Many people are very curious, if all the deserts on the earth become oases, what will happen? Many people think that the oasis has a mild environment, abundant resources, and the most important thing is the beautiful weather, which is very suitable for human survival. However, after deep thinking, they are very afraid. Desert is not suitable for human habitation, mainly due to the lack of fresh water resources. If we want to make desert an oasis, we must need a lot of fresh water resources. What will happen to the earth when all the deserts on the earth are replaced by oases?


We all know that the earth’s fresh water resources are extremely scarce. Our teacher taught us to save water and not to waste it easily. Today’s science and technology are limited. If we want to extract fresh water from the ocean, we must increase the concentration of sea water. It will also lead to the re evolution of marine organisms and produce new species.


There is no doubt that when all the deserts become oases, the green area will be significantly improved, and the earth will become green and secluded. Even the oxygen content will increase. Too much oxygen content is not good. Many people will die because of the oxygen rich environment. The new environment will promote the re evolution of the earth’s organisms, and many species will disappear. The existence of deserts and oases on the earth is related to the laws of nature. Although oases are important, if all of them are replaced by oases, they will certainly have a huge impact on human life. If new species emerge at that time, they may threaten the survival of human beings. Is it not worth the loss.


The desert area is extremely dry, but there are also creatures living here. Some scientists once discovered a kind of desert fish named moqiang. It has survived in the desert for a long time and has not been extinct. If the desert has become an oasis, wouldn’t these creatures be homeless? Therefore, everything in nature has laws to follow. If we do not follow the laws of nature, it will be counterproductive. All deserts and oases on the earth will be well distributed. Only in this way can we maintain a good ecological balance.


Human beings enjoy today’s environment very much. In fact, deserts do not have much impact on human beings. If all the deserts on this huge earth become oases, too much oxygen is not a good thing. When the time comes, human life will be in danger due to oxygen rich environment, and the gain will not be worth the loss. What do you think will happen if all the deserts are replaced by oases? You can leave a message for interaction.

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