What will happen to the earth in 2020

In Chongqing, since June, according to incomplete statistics, the water level of 58 rivers has exceeded the maximum warning line, and the water level of the Three Gorges dam has been constantly moving up. According to the data of the emergency management department of the state disaster reduction Commission, serious floods have occurred in many places since June, and the number of people affected in 27 provinces has reached 37.89 million.

In 2020, we could see that the southern part of Chinese mainland was suffering from serious floods. In fact, we could know that the floods were coming every year, but the difference was just the size. However, in recent years, the frequency of the floods has increased significantly, and at the same time, some changes have taken place. The occurrence of the weather.

After all, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change once warned that the global temperature has already risen, even 1.5 degrees higher than the overall temperature before industrialization.


Maybe many people think that 1.5 degrees is not an important change, but when the global warming is the melting of many land or glaciers or nodes, including the frozen soil layer, it will cause soil erosion, or some ancient bacteria wake up, and a large amount of fresh water is poured into the ocean, resulting in a sharp decrease in the density of the sea, so that many fish can not sink into the deep sea and get rid of food As a result, the global heat balance will be broken one after another, and the high latitudes will become colder and drier. In coastal areas, hurricanes are accompanied by long-term droughts, and all problems will follow.

So we all agree that behind the extreme weather is disaster.

As we all know, for a long time, the main control of climate is the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a very special greenhouse gas, which will prevent the earth from radiating heat. About this point, the most intuitive feeling is the short-term climate fluctuation, which increases by about 0.15 degrees per year. The shortest time range is two years, and the longest can last up to seven years.

In addition to the seasonal weather pattern, the most obvious manifestation of this short-term climate fluctuation is El Nino phenomenon, such as the El Nino Southern Oscillation, which involves the circulation and current of the tropical Pacific Ocean at the same time, so it has a great impact on North America and China during this period.


At the end of the Permian period 252 million years ago, 81% of the marine species died out. At the same time, the underground magma ignited the Siberian coal, which increased the temperature of the whole earth by 9 degrees. 56 million years ago, the oil layer in the Atlantic Ocean boiled methane and volatilized it into the sky. At the same time, the warming matter of the earth made the ocean acidified.

Now it seems that natural disasters are very terrible, but in fact, all human activities are also having a similar negative impact on the environment, and even show that human carbon dioxide emissions and apartment production emissions are increasing in real time. Global temperature rises again, climate changes suddenly, and there is an eternal causal relationship. For example, carbon dioxide emissions will come more and more Because of the radiant heat from below, the earth will become very hot.

Modern people often sigh that winter has just passed, and they haven’t had a good feeling of spring yet. Summer comes overnight, so when summer is over, autumn will come. All of a sudden, he was caught unprepared. At the end of autumn, winter came quietly. Every year, it seems that we can hear that this year is really the coldest, hottest and most difficult year. This year, coupled with the epidemic situation, it’s really more difficult. So we all thought that we didn’t expect to spend year after year, but one monster after another came.


No matter what the future will be like, Global Archaeology in the past 100 years can find that the climate changes from warm to cold, with obvious superposition effect, which is obvious on many levels, and may continue to rise in the future.

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