What will happen to those sharks whose fins have been cut off by humans and then put back into the sea?

Shark fin is one of the traditional Chinese food, is a kind of delicacies.

Since ancient times, it has been regarded as a good health care product and a symbol of high-end consumption. Because of its high price, many people think that it has high nutritional value and even anti-cancer effect.


Is that true? Do you know what will happen to those sharks whose fins have been cut off by human beings and then put back into the sea?

The edible history of shark fin

The first people to eat shark fin were fishermen. After the fishermen sold the shark fins, they left them for their own consumption. When the fishermen found that it was profitable and sold them as commodities, the shark fin gradually appeared at the banquet.


Chinese people have been eating shark fin for a long time, according to the earliest written records should be in the Ming Dynasty. By the middle of Ming Dynasty, there were many books about the selection and cooking of shark fin.

According to Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica, “the chimaeras have hyenas on their backs and wings under their bellies. They are delicious and delicious. They are treasured by southerners.”


It can be seen that at that time, only southerners valued shark fin.

In the Qing Dynasty, shark fin became the most valuable food for the grand feast in the north and the south. It was called “no feast without wings”, and the luxurious feast was simply called “shark fin feast”.

Because of this, the reputation of Chinese shark fin spread abroad.


Where does shark fin come from?

When fishermen catch a shark, they usually just cut off its fins and throw the living shark back into the sea to survive.


The fin is made of the fins in the chest, abdomen and tail of a shark by drying. Is the process of taking shark fins very cruel.

According to statistics, about 100 million great white sharks are cut off by humans and put back into the sea every year.

But let’s imagine that when a shark with its fin cut is thrown back into the sea, the wound will continue to bleed. How can such a shark survive?


In the film and television works about sharks, we can see that the fins of sharks are like the wings of an airplane. Only when they swim forward can they float up by fluid pressure.

Once there are no fins, you can’t float, you can’t swim, you can’t hunt, you can’t eat, you will starve or be eaten by other fish.


Then the shark will struggle in the water with bleeding wounds, and finally sink to the bottom of the sea and be “drowned”.

Is it strange to hear that a shark is “drowned”?

In fact, sharks are the same as most fish. In order to ensure that there is oxygen in their bodies, they need to constantly swim, push themselves through the water, and let oxygen breathe through their gills. Without fins, they will suffocate and die.


Although the shark is a very fierce creature in the ocean, its bloody mouth and extremely sharp teeth will make people feel creepy. Once it aims at the prey, it will not escape.

For centuries, sharks have been a nightmare of human terror, but even if it is more severe, in the past two decades, sharks have been threatened by human terror.


Human beings just want to satisfy their own desires, in order to make a shark fin food, it is necessary to kill a whole shark. Cut off its fins alive.

Xiaobian thinks that shark fin is not an excellent tonic for human beings. Its main nutrient is only protein.

If we want to supplement protein, the simplest way is to eat a few eggs directly. There is no need to get it from sharks cruelly.


And according to China’s relevant regulations, it is not allowed to provide dishes made by protected animals such as shark fin in official reception. Yao Ming also launched a public welfare campaign to protect sharks a few years ago.

Sharks can generally live to their 70s, and their reproduction and growth are very slow. If we overkill them for our own selfish desire, their number will become smaller and smaller, and even be on the verge of extinction.


No business, no killing. Xiaobian also suggests that we protect sharks together and insist on saying no to shark fins.

What do you think of that? Welcome to comment area.

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