What will human beings become in a million years? Scientists release simulation map, refresh cognition!

Will human beings evolve or degenerate after one million years? The simulation is too real!


Many people’s subconscious has always believed that human beings are much more advanced than other creatures. The main reason is that human beings have independent thinking brain, and the brain also has consciousness. Many behaviors made by human beings are directed by the brain. In fact, every creature is unique on the earth. In order to adapt to the natural environment, many creatures are forced to change their body functions in order to survive.


Starting from the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, dinosaurs are regarded as a kind of giant with fierce face and sensitive limbs. But no one thought that this kind of self respecting creature did not succeed in evolution and disappeared overnight. For a long time, people have been speculating about the real reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. The most convincing argument is the impact of an asteroid. Of course, some people think it’s a volcanic eruption. As for how it happened, it’s still unknown. Will human beings evolve or degenerate after one million years? The simulation is too real!


In addition to the extinction of dinosaurs, there have been many mass extinctions since then. Fortunately, human beings have finally become the masters of the earth, and are also the most successful creatures in evolution. Compared with the ancient apes hundreds of thousands of years ago, there is no comparability. From Darwin’s theory of evolution, we know that humans evolved from apes. Since entering the modern society, human beings no longer have so much thick hair. Many people think that this is the final form of human beings. Is this really the case?


Many scientists have expressed different ideas and even simulated the face of human beings after one million years. Many people are very curious about what kind of human beings will be after one million years? There is no doubt that human nutrition will be improved in an all-round way. With the emergence of all kinds of food, height and weight will be generally increased. But there is a big problem, that is, the impact of the Internet, the emergence of mobile phones, computers, tablets, many people are almost playing games from morning to night, the future appearance of mankind will change greatly.


Not only will five fingers become two, but eyes will become very big and limbs will be short. This is the impact of the Internet. Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Although human beings have enjoyed the convenience brought by technology, there are also many potential impacts. If human beings can’t allocate time reasonably, future human beings will develop towards this trend. It should also be noted that artificial intelligence is in the stage of development and will become more mature in the future. It can replace all human behaviors.


The only difference is that it does not have the ability to think independently and can only be carried out under the control of human beings. Scientists are worried that one day artificial intelligence will get rid of the shackles of human beings and possess the consciousness and wisdom of independent thinking. At that time, human beings will face unprecedented challenges, or may be dominated by artificial intelligence. At that time, human beings will not know where to go. Seeing the simulation picture after one million years, many people are completely shocked. I thought that human beings would become better after one million years, but I didn’t expect that they would become this terrible look. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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