What will human beings become in the future? Scientist: immortality without emotion! Are you looking forward to it?

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, biological variation, heredity and natural selection can lead to adaptive changes. But whether you believe in the theory of evolution or not, the vast majority of life on earth is constantly evolving, but the process is very slow, from a few hundred years to tens of thousands of years, which makes it impossible for us to observe.


For example, our average height has increased by about 10 cm in the past 100 years.

In this way, what will human beings become in the future?


Of course, before discussing this issue, there must be a premise, that is, your descendants must insist on staying on the earth, not leaving the earth. If you go to other planets to survive, the direction of evolution will certainly be different, because the environment is different, so earth shaking changes are likely to occur.


Some scientists speculate that the people who will stay on earth in the future will no longer be divided into different races. Their skin color will be unified, their language will be unified, and their average height will become higher. Because of the changes in diet, the digestive system and teeth of the human body may degenerate.

People in different regions may have different nose shapes. For example, people living in cold regions have large noses and smaller nostrils, which are conducive to air heating; while people living in tropical regions have collapsed nostrils and larger nostrils, which are conducive to heat dissipation. But in the future, the indoor temperature control system may make our nose gradually unified and become similar.


For the brain, it may become smaller and smaller, because with the maturity of AI technology, more and more people will not need to use their brains, and our limbs will become more and more slender, because most manual labor will also be replaced by artificial intelligence.


Some scientists speculate that human beings may evolve in another direction. For example, our bodies will be slowly equipped with many mechanical or electronic devices.

The first use should be smart contact lenses, which will make our eyes more powerful than “thousand mile eye”. Gradually, the bionic limbs with touch will become popular all over the world. After installing these artificial limbs, they can not only retain the original touch, but also shield the pain. At the same time, they will be more sensitive and have more powerful power.


All these abilities, like Superman, are what we dream of. Gradually, many artificial organs have replaced our internal organs that are prone to disease and cancer.


Artificial eyeballs, artificial ears, and even artificial hearts will be installed on us. As a result, they will greatly prolong our life span. However, human fertility will continue to deteriorate, pregnancy and birth may be replaced by machines, and most people may choose not to have offspring.

Our food has also changed a lot. People no longer like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but rely on synthetic food, because it can help us solve the problem of famine caused by more and more frequent climate anomalies.


After that, more and more people will start to use another new method to achieve immortality. Human beings may upload their brain consciousness to the supercomputer, and the so-called immortality refers to the immortality of consciousness.


We have completed the perfect evolution from carbon based life to the combination with artificial intelligence. At first glance, we may feel very good, because human beings will no longer be plagued by disease, hunger and pain. But when we think about it, we seem to be missing something.

What we lack is affection. Because there is no disease, no experience of breeding life, no trouble of life trivia, there will be a lack of care between people, become as cold as a machine, from the eyes to the brain, there is only code, code, and code.


So this world, will be beautiful? Is that what you’re looking forward to? Welcome to comment area.

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