What will human beings change in 10000 years? Scientists say it could be another form of life

It has been millions of years since the birth of human beings on the earth. Some people say that human beings are a miracle of life. It took only millions of years to complete the evolution and development from primitive life to intelligent life and civilization, while dinosaurs have lived on the earth for 160 million years without evolving into intelligent life. It can be seen that human beings are great intelligent life.

In the 6000 years since the beginning of human beings’ writing, the development is not particularly fast. However, from the beginning of the industrial revolution, human beings have developed towards science and technology, which has surpassed the development of the past 6000 years in only a few hundred years, thus stepping out of the earth and starting to explore the universe. Some scientists say that since humans evolved into intelligent life, there has been no obvious evolution for tens of thousands of years. In particular, the evolution of the brain has stopped for tens of thousands of years.

Some scientists say that the future evolution of human beings may be related to science and technology, so let’s guess: what will human beings change after 10000 years? If we rely on the evolution of human beings themselves, since there has not been much evolution in the past tens of thousands of years, in another ten thousand years, there may not be much change in human beings, especially in the brain.

However, human beings have embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. Science and technology can change the world, and nature can also change itself. Human beings cannot evolve naturally again, but they can do it through science and technology. However, the direction and form of human evolution through science and technology will be very different from that of natural evolution. We have no way to know whether this kind of evolution is right or wrong.


So how can science and technology make human evolution, and from which direction? The reason why human beings can become the overlord of the earth and go out of the earth to explore the universe is mainly because human beings have an intelligent brain, so the evolution of the brain is inevitable. Some scientists say that the human brain is very mysterious. At present, we can only use 10% of the brain, and 90% of the brain is still in an undeveloped state. However, some great scientists like Einstein have no idea about it Their brain development is only about 10% more than normal.

It’s very difficult for human beings to complete multi development in a natural way, but it is possible to do so with the assistance of science and technology. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the future artificial intelligence will be very advanced. In order to make human brain have stronger ability, scientists will implant an intelligent chip into the brain to assist human beings.

This intelligent chip is very powerful, it can help human learn, store information, and let human have the same strong computing power and analysis ability as artificial intelligence. Ten thousand years from now, most people will be implanted with smart chips, just as we are now doing some vaccines. With the help of smart chips, human learning ability has been greatly improved, and even can never forget. Now the 10-year learning course can be completed in less than one year, and human can learn more knowledge in a limited time.

Ten thousand years later, human beings have been in the interstellar age for a long time. Human steps are all over the galaxy, and there are many things to learn. If you don’t have a smarter brain, you can’t learn much in 50 years, but with the help of smart chips, you can complete the knowledge reserves of hundreds of years in more than 10 years.


With the help of smart chips, the brain completes evolution in disguise, but the strength of the body also needs to keep up. One way to complete the evolution of the body is through genetic technology. Of course, this has certain risks, and the effect is relatively slow. Another way is semi mechanization. Let a part of the body be replaced by a special machine.

Ten thousand years later, there will be no disabled people. If a certain part of the human body is missing, it can be completed through science and technology. Of course, these mechanical devices are not the same as now, but they are more flexible than your real arm. At the same time, there are some special functions. People who walk in the universe all the year round need to carry out mechanical transformation of the body, such as The strength of the body will be improved by several grades, and it can better adapt to the complex and changeable environment in the universe.

Therefore, after 10000 years, human beings will complete a new round of evolution through science and technology, but this kind of evolution applies the power of science and technology. Although it makes human beings have a smarter brain, a stronger body and a longer life span, this kind of evolution is against nature, not natural evolution. But human beings may also have to take this step. To survive better in the universe, we need not only advanced technology, but also a strong body.

Guys, what do you think humans will be like in 10000 years? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your views.


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