What will human beings look like in 100 years? Scientists publish conjecture map!

What will human beings look like in 100 years? Scientists publish conjecture map!


After hundreds of years of evolution and evolution, human beings have become what they are today. Everyone is a unique existence. We often distinguish a person according to his life habits and features. In the process of natural selection, human beings gradually adapt to the environment. How the environment changes, what direction will human beings develop. Only by adapting to the environment can human beings develop for a long time. If we compare modern humans with apes hundreds of thousands of years ago, there must be a big difference.


At that time, humans had enough hair. In the course of human evolution, the hair had gradually faded and they had the ability to walk on both legs. It is gratifying to see so many changes in human beings. In fact, scientists have been discussing a question: what will human beings look like in 100 years? This is really a thought-provoking issue. What will human beings look like in 100 years? Scientists publish conjecture map!


With the development of science and technology, human beings are enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology. In another 100 years, what changes will human beings have? Some scientists speculate that, first of all, human height will increase by leaps and bounds, with an average height of 196-208 cm. Due to adequate nutrition, the daily intake of food is also extremely rich.


In this era of Internet popularization, some experts also predict that the shape of human beings will change dramatically in the future. Nowadays, many people often indulge in games and play games every day without restraint. Fingers and eyes will be affected. Maybe 100 years later, human eyes will become bigger and even the brain will grow. From the previous five fingers to two or three fingers, the number will increase Less and less, even the limbs will shorten. After seeing this appearance, many people are completely shocked, did not expect that the impact of the Internet to human beings is so big. Some experts predict that human society will be replaced by artificial intelligence in 100 years.


Nowadays, all countries are developing in the direction of AI. Artificial intelligence is the direction of future development. Although artificial intelligence can help human beings a lot, it also has many disadvantages. If one day artificial intelligence gets rid of the control of human beings and has the consciousness and ability of independent thinking, it will be very terrible. Artificial intelligence is likely to surpass human intelligence, and then human beings will suffer. Therefore, human beings should cherish everything they have. Maybe this is what human beings will look like after 100 years.


Today’s human civilization is stagnant. If it really develops towards this trend, the future will be unbearable and mankind will come to an end. All this is very terrible, so everyone should pay attention to their own physical characteristics, but also control their own desires, do not be too presumptuous, the Internet will also affect people’s physical and mental health, you see 100 years later, what do you think of the human heart? You can leave a message for interaction.

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