What will human beings look like in 100000 years? After the doctor released the simulation map, he was glad to be born early

Human beings have existed on the earth for millions of years, evolving from primitive civilization to intelligent civilization step by step, and becoming the dominator of the earth.

We know astronomy from the top, geography from the bottom, the earth from the bottom, the universe from the bottom, and a miracle in the history of life. We can be proud to say that since the birth of the earth, no living creature has been comparable with human beings.


More than two hundred years ago, human beings began to enter the era of industrial revolution. Through one-step efforts, science and technology developed rapidly. It took only two hundred years for human beings to walk out of the earth and explore the universe.

In the continuous development of human beings, the issue of human evolution has always been concerned. What will people become in the future?

Scientists have found that from our Homo sapiens ancestors to modern humans, the face of human beings has changed a lot.


In the short period of time from 800000 years ago to 200000 years ago, due to changes in the earth’s climate and other factors, the human brain and skull were about twice as large as before, and the facial features changed from protruding to flat.

After that, there has been no change in human appearance, intelligence and other aspects. But we often wonder whether human beings will change in another 100000 years?


Humans first appeared 65 million years ago, and then evolved into southern ape man 12 million years ago, capable man 1.5-2 million years ago, Homo erectus 1.7 million years ago, and Homo sapiens 250000 years ago.

Because of “natural selection, survival of the fittest”, so the human step by step with the environment to complete the evolution. According to this law, human beings will certainly evolve in 100000 years.

According to the above evolution, Dr. Lam, who is a doctor of genetics, assumed the ideal evolution conditions and made a model that can simulate the trend of human evolution.


The results show that in 20000 years, human beings will not change much, and will maintain the current form. But after 20000 years, due to the earth’s energy depletion, global cooling after the greenhouse effect and other external factors, human beings will mutate.

There will be obvious changes in several specific places. After the mutation, the appearance will be a little strange. Some people call it the “golden ratio” appearance. Xiaobian thinks it’s a bit like cartoon characters or the appearance after excessive plastic surgery.


First of all, the eyes and nose will become bigger. Because of environmental problems, the respiratory system of the human body should be able to block more dust.

Secondly, the human brain will become larger, and because of the great improvement of the level of science and technology, human limbs will degenerate and shrink because they are not used much.

After 100000 years, this pattern will continue for hundreds of thousands of years until the next environmental problem occurs.


What do you think after reading the simulation map? The more you look, the more scared you are? Are you glad you were born early.

Xiaobian thinks that human beings have aesthetic concepts, and maybe the appearance in 100000 years will be closer to that of the simulation map, but it’s not so strange.


At least at that time, if the level of science and technology reached a new high, the artificial intelligence technology was relatively mature, maybe human beings would evolve into a semi-robot state!

Or maybe 100000 years later, humans have left the earth to live on other planets, and this degree of evolution may be even more unimaginable.

What do you think? Welcome to comment area.

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