What will human beings look like in 100000 years? Scientists released the simulation map, glad they were born early!

What will human beings look like in 100000 years? Scientists released the simulation map, glad they were born early!


Human beings live up to expectations, stand out among many creatures, and become the highest animals on earth. They vigorously develop science and technology, and rely on the power of science and technology to do things that they once did not dare to think about, such as landing in outer space, creating products and so on. All these are the fruits of human civilization and wisdom. According to this trend, the future of mankind will have a better development prospect. Some people have thought about the future of mankind, but most of them are vague, because predicting the future is an unfounded thing, and no one knows what the future of mankind will look like.

What will human beings look like in 100000 years?


To solve this problem, scientists have also made in-depth analysis. They once published a picture of human beings after 100000 years. What is the appearance of human beings after 100000 years? With the rapid development of the Internet, everyone is addicted to the network world, unable to distinguish between reality and virtual. Some people play games from morning till night and are controlled by the game. Their whole life becomes boring. If they don’t play games, they don’t know what they can do. What will human beings look like in 100000 years? Scientists released the simulation map, glad they were born early!


Due to the lack of sports for a long time, people’s physical quality is getting worse and worse, and they will certainly be shrouded in science and technology, but there are obvious differences between their body shape and appearance. The focus is on the brain. People’s brain needs to be constantly mined. So far, only a small part of everyone’s brain has been developed. Some people speculate that human beings in the future may have a big head, which is no different from aliens. Because human beings do not contact with the outside world for a long time and indulge in the Internet world every day, their heads will become bigger and bigger, and their limbs will shrink significantly. This is the consequence of the development of science and technology. It can be said that science and technology has both disadvantages and advantages.

Human beings are very lucky to be like this in the long evolutionary journey. At the same time, human beings are also unfortunate, because future human beings will not be able to bear to look directly at them. The most important thing is the rapid development of artificial intelligence. At present, artificial intelligence has completely penetrated into human life. It can not only improve work efficiency, but also help human do many things, and human gradually accept it. But have you ever thought that human beings can use artificial intelligence because they control it. If it gets rid of human control and evolves its own consciousness and can think about problems, how can humans compete with it?


Worry about the future of mankind


Seeing scientists simulate the appearance of human beings after 100000 years, many people are more and more worried. It is difficult for us to guarantee whether future human beings can maintain their original intention or develop in a normal direction. If human beings deviate from the orbit and continue to act recklessly, future human beings may become like this. At the same time, there will be the danger of extinction, which is particularly worrying.

Maybe many people think that 100000 years is quite far away. It’s not far away. It’s related to the future of human beings. We should not only consider for ourselves, but also for our children and grandchildren. We only want to enjoy ourselves for a while, ignore our body, and make the future more fragile. This is a situation that no one wants to see. Do you think that future human beings will become the simulation of scientists What’s the look like? You can leave a message for interaction.

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