What will human beings look like in a million years? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

The earth is a planet of life, and human beings are the overlord and supreme ruler of the planet. Human beings are able to stand out in the biological hegemony of the earth and grow into real intelligent creatures, which is related to the rapid evolution of human life. It can be said that it is the rapid evolution of human beings that gives birth to wisdom and makes human civilization.

It took only millions of years for human beings to complete the intelligent evolution of life, which is an incredible miracle of life. In the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, there have been countless lives. Some creatures are much longer than the life time of human beings on the earth, such as the dinosaurs that died out 65 million years ago. They have lived on the earth for 160 million years in such a long time Dinosaurs have not evolved into intelligent life. It can be seen that human beings can evolve into intelligent life in millions of years, which is a miracle.

The reason why human beings can grow so fast is that human gene evolution is too fast, which can’t be compared with other creatures. At present, human civilization has developed rapidly towards science and technology. Although human evolution is very slow, it has been moving forward. Some scientists say that human beings have not evolved for tens of thousands of years, especially the brain. In fact, this is not true. Human evolution was really very fast 10000 years ago, so it was able to give birth to wisdom very quickly. However, in the past 10000 years, human evolution has been very slow, but it has not stopped.


If humans are still evolving, what will humans look like in a million years? Maybe many people are very curious about this matter. If we want to guess roughly the changes of human beings after one million years, let’s take a look at what human beings were like one million years ago. In fact, one million years ago, the “Homo sapiens” at that time had not yet appeared. A million years ago, perhaps there were only a few human species, including the Heidelberg people, who share some similarities with Homo erectus and modern humans.

During the past ten thousand years, great changes have taken place on the earth, and human beings have to adapt. Agricultural life and abundant food have brought a variety of health problems to human beings. We have learned to use the power of science to solve them. In terms of appearance, humans are getting fatter and higher in some areas.

One million years ago, human ancestors must be very different from modern humans. I believe no one will doubt this. What will human beings become after one million years? Maybe a lot of people will think that human beings at that time may be very different from those of today. At least from the appearance, there may be a lot of changes. Is that the case? Now we will make some scientific analysis and conjecture.

One of the biggest variables of what human beings will become in one million years is technology. The power of science and technology is infinite. Science and technology can change the world, and nature can also change the evolution of human beings. No one knows what the end of science and technology will be. But people believe that nothing is impossible when science and technology reaches the end. Maybe it is possible to create the universe and live forever.


With the advent of science and technology, there are many variables in the future evolution of human beings. If we follow the natural evolution, even in another 1 million years, human beings will not change much, but there will be too much uncertainty with the addition of science and technology. For example, implantation technology, whether it’s brain chip implantation or organ implantation in the body, may play an important role in the future.

Now we have the technology of brain implantation, but we don’t know how to connect it to the brain and make it work. We are not far from achieving this, but we are still in the experimental stage. This is no longer a biological problem, but a technical one. Maybe in the near future, a smart chip will be implanted into everyone’s brain to help people learn and work better.

In the future, there will be a variety of implants for repairing body injuries, such as cardiac pacemakers, hip implants and so on. And future implants may just strengthen the body. In addition to brain implants, human appearance may also be changed by implants, such as cameras, artificial eyes that can read different color frequencies, and so on.


We’ve all heard of the concept of “designer baby.”. Scientists already have the technology to change genes, but the technology is so controversial that no one is sure of the consequences. But in the future, it is very common for people to modify their genes artificially. Everyone will modify their genes before and after birth. It will become a fashion, not a very controversial moral issue.

Genetic technology can modify genes, so that the characteristics of the baby can have more choices, parents can determine the appearance of the child, rather than the current free choice. There will still be “choice” in the future, but from natural selection to artificial selection. The way we breed dogs will also be used in humans in the future.

In the future, the color of human skin may become darker and darker. The reason is genetic change. As we all know, the African population in the world is growing rapidly, so the proportion of African genes in the global population is increasing. While the fertility rate is low in the regions dominated by white people, as time goes on, the color of human skin around the world will become darker and darker. Compared with light skin color, dark skin color appears more and more frequently in the world, which is quite certain.

In addition, the future of human civilization is bound to usher in the era of universal space exploration. One million years later, human civilization may have already become an interstellar civilization. The pace of human beings has covered many galaxies and is no longer limited to the solar system. There will also be many colonized planets. The ecological environment and gravity of each living planet will not be different, because these environments will affect each other Human genetic evolution.


For example, living on Mars in the future, where the climate is cold, the human body in order to adapt to this new cold environment, low gravity environment, the structure of human muscles may change, our limbs may also become longer, long-term survival in the cold, low gravity environment, human may become chubby, or even covered with hair to warm.

Of course, these are human conjectures. One million years is too long. We can predict what human beings will look like in decades or even hundreds of years. But no one can tell what human beings will look like in one million years. There are too many variables. The biggest variable is science and technology. If human science and technology continue to develop so fast, we can’t imagine how powerful science and technology will be in one million years’ time, and what changes human beings will have with the help of science and technology is also unknown. In any case, I believe it is developing in the direction of benefiting human beings.

My friends, what do you think of the changes of mankind after 1 million? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.


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