What will human beings look like in a million years? Maybe you can edit your own genes

Have you ever thought about this question: what will human beings look like in a million years? Compared with us now, will there be a big change?


It took more than six million years for humans to evolve into what they are today. From our Homo sapiens ancestors to the present, great changes have taken place in human appearance. For example, during the period from 800000 years ago to 200000 years ago, the earth’s climate changed dramatically. At the same time, the human brain and skull also doubled, resulting in the flattening of the face.

The time of modern man’s existence is only about 12000 of the 6 million years, and even in such a short period of time, human beings have evolved.


The average height of human beings is about 10 cm higher than before. If these changes can take place in 12000 years, what will we become after hundreds of thousands of years?


First of all, we need to understand what evolution means? The essence of evolution is the change of gene frequency of a population. It is the change of gene composition of a species over time. The species with more genetic advantages often have more offspring. Therefore, these better genes will also be passed on to their offspring.

For example, giraffes with longer necks can eat longer food at high places, which is easier to survive than giraffes with shorter necks, so giraffes with longer necks will have more offspring. And their offspring have long necks. As time goes on, giraffes with short necks will gradually become extinct.


So what about this set of rules for humans? In this sense, evolution is actually unpredictable. In the world we live in, we no longer need to worry about “natural selection, survival of the fittest”, because the development of science and technology has solved many survival problems for us.


You don’t have to be the fastest or the strongest to survive. It’s not the time 100000 years ago when you had to fight for food. We don’t need to worry about “how can I live today”, but our ancestors were troubled by these problems all the time.

One million years from now, it is still unknown whether human beings will be stronger, run faster and grow faster. After all, the decision to have a baby now is only related to cultural factors and personal choices. The future of mankind depends on the genetic characteristics of those who have offspring, as well as the number of their offspring. If in the next few million years, only those who are born obese or have congenital diseases will have children, then human beings will eventually be like them.


However, we may not need to worry about these congenital defects at all, because our body may have been completely integrated with technology before that, robotic arms, brain chips, laser eyes, all of which will be possible.


Not only that, we can even edit a baby’s gene before it is born, thus eliminating the possibility of evolution from the root. This technology may protect us from diseases and avoid all genetic defects that may have a negative impact on us.

But if we don’t have this luxury technology and need to evolve according to the old way, there are some changes that we can predict: we just need to look at how modern people have evolved in the past 12000 years. What we know is that we have grown taller because we eat better, but at the same time, our brains have become smaller.


But we don’t have to worry, because instead of making us stupid, our brains are more flexible. In a million years, we may become big and tall with small heads. Does that remind you of anything?


In any case, human evolution is very difficult to predict, because evolution is closely related to the environment in which we live, and it is hard to say what the future Earth will be like.

Maybe the earth will get very hot, so we may evolve a constitution that can adapt to the fire.


In a million years’ time, we may go to other planets to survive, such as Mars. In order to survive there, people may evolve into a very different way from now. After all, the living environment there is so different from the earth.


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