What will human civilization change after 1000 years? Scientists give possible answers

Millions of years ago, after billions of years of evolution, the earth, a beautiful planet of life, finally gave birth to intelligent life human beings. After the birth of human beings, after millions of years of evolution, we finally entered the era of primitive civilization 10000 years ago.

Through continuous efforts, human civilization finally entered the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago. And the power of science and technology also ushered in a period of rapid development of human civilization, especially from the beginning of the last century, human science and technology has achieved a qualitative leap, and finally let mankind realize the dream of flying, out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

Science and technology has brought great opportunities to human civilization, and the era of science and technology also let us see the importance of time. After mankind has not entered the era of science and technology, every 100 years or 1000 years ago, human civilization will not make much progress, because that is the era of cold weapons. In the age of cold weapons, no matter how human civilization develops, there will be no qualitative leap.


However, after entering the era of science and technology, not to mention a hundred years, a thousand years, even if it is only a ten-year gap, there will be great changes in science and technology. One hundred years ago, what human science and technology looked like, and what human science and technology will look like 100 years later, I believe my friends all understand that it is a world of difference. This is the infinite possibilities that science and technology bring to mankind, so a friend asked this question: where will human civilization develop in 1000 years?

If we can predict the human world in 10000 years, 100000 years or even 100 million years, I believe no one can make it clear. 99% of the predictions will fail, but if we are to predict the human world in 1000 years, we believe that some of them may come true. 1000 years is a very short time for the history of human civilization.

Although 1000 years is a very short time for the history of human civilization, for the progress of human science and technology, 1000 years is enough to make the human civilization undergo earth shaking changes. Scientists once divided the strength of cosmic civilization into several levels. According to this level, the current strength of human civilization is about 0.7, less than one level.

The standard of first-class civilization is to be able to use all the energy on the earth. I believe many friends know that the development of science and technology is also the development of energy. The rapid development of human science and technology, in the final analysis, is the rapid progress of our research and application in energy application. If we can’t make a breakthrough in energy, it’s hard to make a qualitative breakthrough in science and technology, and human civilization can’t be completely upgraded.


There are many kinds of energy on the earth, such as coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil energy. In addition to these energy sources, there are combustible ice, geothermal energy, volcanic energy and so on, and these energy sources are still very little used by human beings, and even some energy sources can not be really applied by human science and technology.

Only when we have applied all these energy resources on the earth, it also marks that human beings have upgraded to a first-class civilization, and starting from the first-class civilization, it also marks that human beings will initially get rid of the shackles of the earth and be able to initially use space resources outside the earth. To upgrade from the current 0.7 level civilization to the first level civilization, some scientists speculate that it may take 100-200 years for human beings to develop at the present speed.

In other words, it is hopeful that human civilization will be upgraded to first-class civilization within 200 years. After entering first-class civilization, the earth’s resources may have been exploited by human beings. Human beings will face the danger of resource exhaustion. Even if the earth’s resources are not exhausted at this time, human beings will no longer exploit them, but focus on the huge resources of the solar system.


From first-class civilization to second-class civilization is the stage of preliminary exploitation and application of space resources. When we can make full use of all the resources and energy of the solar system, mankind will also be upgraded to second-class civilization. And all the energy of the solar system naturally includes the energy of the star and the sun. At this time, many people think of the Dyson sphere.

The Dyson sphere is a huge man-made object that scientists guess. Its function is to circle the star and collect and use the energy of the star. When we become a second-class civilization, we will be able to build this kind of Dyson sphere, absorb and utilize the energy of stars. When human beings enter the first-class civilization, the planets and asteroids in the solar system are important places for us to exploit our resources.

At that time, mankind will thoroughly develop the solar system, mobilize the resources of the entire solar system, promote the rapid progress of human science and technology, and constantly move forward to the second level civilization. Of course, it will take a long time to upgrade from a first-class civilization to a second-class civilization. Scientists estimate that it may take 300-500 years.

If so, it will take about 600 years to upgrade from the current level 0.7 to level 2 civilization. After entering the second level civilization, human beings will go out of the solar system and begin to develop to other galaxies. The third level civilization means that human beings can use the resources of the whole galaxy, that is, human beings can use the resources of the whole galaxy.


If we want to know that the diameter of the Milky way has reached at least 100000 light-years, we need to achieve a qualitative leap in speed if we want to make use of the resources of the whole galaxy. This speed is not sub light speed, nor light speed, but superluminal speed. Only by flying faster than light can we freely traverse the galaxy and exploit all the resources and energy of the galaxy.

In addition to the resources and energy of stars and planets, the more important thing in the galaxy is the energy of the supermassive black hole in the center, that is to say, the third-class civilization can use the energy of the black hole. At this time, human civilization may have been the overlord of the galaxy, even if it is not the overlord, it is also a powerful civilization standing at the top of the pyramid.

I believe everyone expects mankind to become a powerful third level civilization, but it is not easy to move from a second level civilization to a third level civilization. At least one superluminal flight technology may be the hurdle that we need to spend a long time to cross. Scientists estimate that it may take thousands of years, tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years for human beings to move from the second level civilization to the third level civilization.


Therefore, after 1000 years, human civilization may have been upgraded to a second-class civilization, and it is to make constant efforts to advance to a third-class civilization. In any case, if human beings can really use about a thousand years to enter the second level civilization, it is actually a very remarkable thing. Secondary civilization can also be regarded as the intermediate civilization of the universe, with the ability of primary interstellar navigation, which can exploit and utilize the energy of galaxies near the solar system.

Of course, the above-mentioned development of mankind in the next 1000 years is only a possible result of the plain sailing of human civilization. If the development of human civilization is not smooth in the next 1000 years, there may be some major changes. We should know that the ecological environment of the earth is deteriorating rapidly now. If this deterioration trend can not be changed in the future, it is possible that the earth will not be suitable for human survival in hundreds of years.

Hundreds of years is not enough for human beings to have the ability of interstellar navigation, that is, we cannot leave the solar system and go to other galaxies to survive. At that time, mankind may only survive on Mars after transformation, and the development of human science and technology may slow down in this change.

There is another possibility, that is, the major crisis brought by asteroids to the earth and human beings. None of us can guarantee that the earth will not encounter the impact of large asteroids in the next 1000 years. If, one day in the future, the earth is unlucky and is hit by an asteroid with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers, the afterlife crisis that dinosaurs encountered 65 million years ago will be repeated in human civilization.


Of course, human science and technology may be able to withstand part of the impact, and human civilization can still survive. Even so, the mass extinction caused by the impact will bring great challenges to the survival and development of human beings, thus greatly extending the progress of human science and technology. Therefore, it is hard to say where human science and technology will develop in 1000 years’ time. There are too many unknowns in the future.

Guys, where do you think human civilization will go in 1000 years? Welcome to leave a discussion below and express your opinions.

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