What will the earth look like after the disappearance of mankind? Zhejiang’s “no man village” is clear at a glance!

What will the earth look like after the disappearance of mankind? Zhejiang’s “no man village” is clear at a glance!


Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, breeding here, having children and having a stable home. The earth provides a suitable environment, sufficient sunlight, water resources, etc., which are the preconditions for human survival. If the earth had not given so much to human beings, maybe human beings would no longer exist.


Since the improvement of science and technology, human activities have become more and more frequent. From outer space to the ocean, human beings are eager for knowledge and have a heart to explore unknown areas, such as barren deserts and towering mountains. No matter how dangerous the front is, human beings have never stopped moving forward. No matter when and where, we can see the human figure. With the increase of global population, human beings are also worried about the problem of excessive population, and even want to migrate to the planet to alleviate the population crisis of the earth. What will the earth look like after the disappearance of mankind? Zhejiang’s “no man village” is clear at a glance!


The increase of population has caused many problems, such as the expansion of resources consumed and the occupation of more and more areas. The demand for resources is endless, such as water, food, oil and natural gas. Many resources are non renewable. Once they are used up, they will be completely lost. Scientists are worried that if one day all these non renewable resources are available How can human beings survive? What would the earth look like without human beings?


In many people’s cognition, perhaps the earth will become barren without human beings. However, scientists have published the simulation map. From the simulation map, we are surprised to find that after the disappearance of human beings, not only the ecological environment is getting warmer, but also the number of species is increasing frequently. The air in many areas is gradually purified, and some toxic gases are also becoming scarce. It can be seen that human beings have a great influence on the environment The influence of the earth is so great that human beings themselves don’t care.


For the sake of their own selfish desires, human beings over transform many parts of the earth, making many creatures homeless, and many natural disasters are affected by human behavior. There is a village named houtouwan in Zhejiang Province, where more than 3000 residents live. Since the 1980s, the fishery resources have been exhausted day by day. Many villagers have to leave their hometown and go to other areas to make a living. In the end, this village has become an uninhabited village.


The resources on the earth are very precious. Human beings should not easily waste them. Although everyone will need these resources, they should also use them sparingly. Otherwise, a terrible scene will happen in the future, and human beings will have no home at all. At that time, it was impossible for human beings to migrate to other planets. At present, the earth is the only home. Everyone has the responsibility and obligation to love it. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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