What will the earth look like in 100 million years? Scientists’ answers may be beyond people’s imagination

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Today, we are familiar with and unfamiliar with our own home. We are familiar with many things on land, but we are still very unfamiliar with the ocean and the earth’s interior. And for the development history of the earth, the development history of life, human understanding is also very limited.

If someone asked, what would the earth look like 100 million years ago? Maybe scientists can get some general appearance through geological exploration and fossil research. One hundred million years ago was the age when dinosaurs dominated. At that time, animals were more prosperous and prosperous than they are now, and there were also very rich biological species. It can be said that it was a prosperous and beautiful age of life. If you look at the earth from space, the earth 100 million years ago would be more beautiful and moving.

What will the earth look like in 100 million years? For the past, we can explore through the traces left by the years, and we can also find some truth. But for the future of 100 million years later, it is difficult for us to make an accurate judgment, more or people’s various conjectures, so what is the human conjecture of 100 million years later?


If we guess from the number of biological species, the number of biological species in 100 million years may be greatly reduced. Why? Here we want to divide it into two parts. One is the spontaneous result of nature’s ecology. As we all know, there was only one piece of land 200 million years ago, but there were no seven continents at that time. Later, plate movement occurred, and the whole plate began to split. At the same time, it triggered violent volcanic movement, leading to a large number of biological extinction. It was at that time that dinosaurs rose and became the overlord of the earth.

After the plate movement, the earth formed today’s seven continents, but also entered the age of dinosaurs. Later, dinosaurs died out, human beings were born and became the new overlord. It can be seen that the influence of plate motion is huge, and the earthquakes that we often have now are also the result of plate motion. Will the plate move again in the long time of 100 million years in the future? The possibility is very great.

No matter how the huge plate movement will develop in the future, will several plates merge or split into more plates again? But one thing we know is that violent plate movement will inevitably lead to huge volcanic eruption. Once there is a large volcanic eruption, a large amount of dust will cover the sky and cover the sky for a short time.

What do some people think of in such a situation? Yes, it was the dinosaur extinction caused by the asteroid impact on the Earth 65 million years ago. At that time, it was the asteroid impact on the ground that caused violent geological movement and triggered large-scale volcanic eruption. Volcanic ash covered the sky. Without the sunlight, a large number of plants and animals will die, which will usher in a mass extinction event.


Maybe someone will say, what about humans? As a matter of fact, such a disaster will not have a great impact on mankind with advanced technology in the future. Even if this happens, human beings can still rely on the power of science and technology to survive, but not many animals and plants in nature, they will be extinct. Therefore, in 100 million years, it is possible that the species of organisms on the earth will be greatly reduced, and animals and plants will become rare resources. On the contrary, the number of human beings will increase dramatically.

Another reason is that with the rapid development of human science and technology, the earth’s resources are facing depletion, and the ecological environment is constantly deteriorating. The deterioration of the ecological environment is a fatal threat to many animals and plants in nature, and it will also make a large number of organisms extinct. Therefore, in 100 million years, we will be able to see very few organisms. When we go into nature, there will be no more birdsong and flowers .

That’s the species and quantity of living things. The second is the earth’s ecological environment in 100 million years. Many people may think that with the rapid development of human science and technology and the depletion of the earth’s resources, the ecological environment will continue to be destroyed. It is possible that the earth will be a desolate planet in 100 million years, and there will be no beautiful style now. Is that true?


It is possible that the real situation will be beyond many people’s expectation. If we say that the earth after thousands of years or tens of thousands of years is really likely to be such a desolate situation. But the earth may be different in 100 million years. Why? We do not deny that human activities are aggravating the deterioration of the earth’s ecological environment. It is possible that in the near future, the earth will really become very desolate, a large number of organisms will be extinct, and there will be no beautiful scenery in the wild.

But the earth is a “living planet”, the earth itself has a very perfect and powerful ecological restoration function. The earth has experienced five mass extinctions, each of which is a great change in the ecosystem. But in the end, the earth has survived again relying on its powerful restoration function, and has become a beautiful planet.

If the earth after thousands or tens of thousands of years, due to the depletion of resources, all kinds of ecological damage has become a desolate planet. It is possible that human beings will choose to immigrate to other planets temporarily in order to survive, but the earth is still not completely dead after the great destruction. After hundreds of millions of years of restoration, the earth will still be rejuvenated and become a beautiful planet again. At that time, human beings who have already become an interstellar civilization will immigrate to the earth’s parent planet again and start a new life.

The above is the result of the earth’s strong ecological self-healing ability. If human science and technology are taken into account, the earth may not have a devastating ecological crisis in the future. Although the development of science and technology makes the earth’s ecology worse, the power of science and technology is powerful. When science and technology develop to a certain extent, it will no longer be difficult to transform the environment. At that time, mankind could completely rely on meteorological equipment to reverse the earth’s ecology and return to the beautiful scenery of the past.


Therefore, the earth’s ecological environment in 100 million years’ time will probably not be desolate in any way. On the contrary, it will be more beautiful than it is now. Of course, the movement of the plate will still make the earth look very different in space. Moreover, with the development of science and technology, the earth of 100 million years may present another kind of planet with a sense of science and technology under the transformation of science and technology.

What will the earth look like in 100 million years? We don’t know now. Although there are many conjectures, no one can accurately predict what will happen in the future. In any case, science and technology is the strongest thing that human beings can master and change their destiny in the future. As long as human beings strive to develop science and technology, when science and technology are strong enough, we can effectively face any disaster or crisis, so as to change the fate of the earth and human beings.

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