What will the earth look like in 200 million years? Do you believe the conjecture given by scientists?

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The earth is a beautiful ecological planet, home to millions of creatures and human beings. This home was born 4.6 billion years ago. It has experienced many small changes before it has the beautiful ecology. Although human beings have only lived on the earth for millions of years, the impact of the emergence of human beings on the earth is undoubtedly huge.


Many people may think that millions of years is a very long time, but for mother earth, this time is very short. The birth of life on the earth has a history of billions of years. Compared with the life history of the earth, the time of human survival is insignificant.

In the long billions of years of life, mother earth has bred countless lives, including tall and powerful creatures, such as dinosaurs, green plants that constantly purify the air, and microorganisms that can constantly play a role in decomposition. The world of life is very wonderful, one link after another, forming a perfect biological chain.

Mother earth is undoubtedly loving and selfless. She has paid all for the earth’s life and human ecology. Especially after mankind entered the industrial age, the rapid development of science and technology needs a lot of resources, and mother earth selflessly contributed all kinds of resources that she has preserved for billions of years. With the support of these resources, science and technology can advance by leaps and bounds, and can go out of the earth to explore the universe.


However, when we consume a lot of the earth’s resources and develop industry rapidly, we are also rapidly consuming the life of mother earth. So someone asked this question: what will the earth look like in 200 million years? Do you agree that scientists have made several conjectures?

200 million years is a very long time for human beings, but for mother earth, it may be just a short rest time. If it’s just other creatures, the impact of 200 million years on the earth is very small. On the contrary, the earth’s natural environment will continue to affect other creatures.


However, human beings are intelligent life, and have entered the era of science and technology. In this case, the impact on the earth may be very great. The rapid development of human beings has no more than two kinds of impact on the future of the earth. One is the massive consumption of resources. The earth’s resources will be exhausted one day in the future. Without the supply of resources, the development of human science and technology will stop.

If, at that time, human beings had not been able to enter space for mining or exploit space resources, then human civilization would be trapped on the earth forever. No matter how powerful the theory of science and technology is, without the support of resources, it can only be empty talk. Therefore, when the resources of human civilization are exhausted, science and technology will stop and civilization will regress. Without resources, it is difficult for a civilization to survive for a long time. As for the final structure, I believe everyone will think that human civilization will disappear.

What about the earth? Even without human civilization, the earth will not disappear. However, due to the depletion of the earth’s resources, the earth’s ecology will also undergo tremendous changes, the sky is no longer blue, the surface is full of desert. Looking at the earth from space, the earth has become a gray planet. Fortunately, most of the earth’s surface is ocean, so it can maintain some green.


200 million years later, the earth, which has no human existence, will continue to transform under the function of the earth’s self-healing ability. And there may be a more important change, which is the redistribution of the plates. As we all know, more than 200 million years ago, the earth did not have the seven continents it has now. At that time, the earth had only one piece of land, which we called Pangea.

It was only 200 million years ago that Pangea split up to have seven continents. The earth’s plate movement has been going on all the time. It is possible that in 200 million years, under the dual effects of the moon’s gravity and the earth’s rotation, the seven plates may agglomerate again and continue to form a larger plate. Even if not all the plates will be combined, the distribution of the earth’s plates in 200 million years will probably change a lot. It is possible that the seven major plates will become smaller plates, or that the plates will be combined and split into more plates again.


All of the above are the bad side of the destructive impact of human beings on the earth. If this conjecture becomes a reality, human beings will eventually eat the evil consequences and disappear completely in the long history. Of course, after the disappearance of human beings, the earth will undergo a long period of evolution, and new intelligent life will be born. However, even if new intelligent life is born, it will be very difficult to get rid of the shackles of the earth through the power of science and technology, because there were no resources on the surface of the earth at that time, and the only way to exploit resources might be to go to the interior of the earth.

Of course, the power of science and technology is powerful. With the help of science and technology, mankind will be full of unlimited possibilities in the future. The rapid development of science and technology has brought continuous deterioration to the earth’s ecology and environment, but as long as human beings can survive this difficult time, then we can make the earth reborn.

We all know that the earth’s resources are limited, but the universe’s resources are unlimited. When our science and technology develop to a certain extent, the exploitation of space resources is inevitable. As long as we have the technology and ability of space mining, then we will completely get rid of the risk brought by the depletion of the earth’s resources, and at that time, mankind also realized controllable nuclear fusion technology.


Nuclear fusion technology can completely replace the present fossil energy, without the pollution of fossil energy, the earth’s ecology will continue to improve. Moreover, with the development of science and technology to a certain extent, it is not difficult to transform the climate. Therefore, 200 million years later, the earth will not necessarily become worse, but better. With the help of science and technology, we can change the ecology and structure of the earth artificially.

If it is under the action of the earth’s nature, the earth’s plate in 200 million years may undergo major changes. However, with the participation of human scientific and technological forces, the earth in 200 million years may be almost exactly the same as the earth today, and the seven continents will still exist. From space, the distribution structure of the earth has not changed much. The only change may be that 200 million years later, the earth will be bluer and more beautiful than it is now.


If so, the earth mother’s selfless dedication to human beings has also received rich returns. We should know that with human beings becoming stronger step by step, the fate of the earth will change fundamentally. If there is no human birth and development, even if the earth’s resources are not consumed at all, then in 5 billion years, the earth will be destroyed with the end of the sun’s life.

But now with the birth of human beings, when the life of the sun comes to an end, human beings can move the earth to other galaxies to survive through the power of science and technology. This may also be the greatest reward for the selfless dedication of human beings to mother earth. As long as human beings can continue to exist, the earth can live forever.

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