What will the earth look like in another 100 million years? Scientists say it’s possible to put on a technological coat

The earth is the home of human beings, which was born 4.6 billion years ago, and the time when human beings were born in this home is only millions of years. The birth of mankind has brought earth shaking changes to the earth, especially after entering the industrial age, the rapid development of science and technology is constantly changing the earth.

Of course, the change of human science and technology to the earth is not a good way to change, but the ecological environment is deteriorating. If we compare the photos of the earth today with those of 50 years ago, you will find that the earth today is much dimmer than that of the past. This is the result of industrial pollution.

In addition to human activities will continue to change the earth, the earth’s own geological activities, environmental changes will continue to change the earth. So someone asked this question: what will the earth look like in another 100 million years? Scientists have also put forward different views on this issue. Some scientists believe that in 100 million years, the earth may be covered with science and technology.


100 million years is a very long time for human civilization, and 4.6 billion years for the earth is also a very long time. One hundred million years can change a lot of things, and the earth will naturally change. We all know that the ecological environment has been changing since the day the earth was born.

Especially after the birth of life, the earth’s ecological environment will basically change once every 100 million years or so. Take the life history of nearly 400 million years for example, there have been five mass extinctions. Every time the mass extinction is caused by the dramatic changes of the earth’s ecology, the overall image of the earth will naturally change greatly.

Of course, the past five mass extinctions did not involve human beings, but after the dinosaur mass extinction, human beings were born. Since then, the fate of the earth has been closely linked with human beings. Therefore, what the earth will become in 100 million years will largely depend on how human beings will develop and what their destiny will be?

I believe friends all know that after mankind enters the era of science and technology, the demand for resources is growing. The earth’s resources are limited, and with the rapid development of science and technology in recent decades, the consumption of resources is also accelerating, many of which have faced the risk of exhaustion. Scientists have predicted that the earth’s non renewable resources could be used for hundreds of years at most.


Hundreds of years later, the earth’s resources are exhausted, and human development needs other sources of resources, which we can only obtain from space. Therefore, under the normal development of mankind, space mining will become the mainstream in the future. The rapid consumption of the earth’s resources will lead to the rapid deterioration of the ecological environment. According to the present situation that the earth’s ecology continues to deteriorate, it is possible that the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival in hundreds of years.

At that time, humans need to choose a new home, and the goal of this new home is Mars. Of course, if Mars wants to become a new home for human beings, it still needs constant transformation. We can imagine that the earth will become a desolate planet like Mars in the future, and Mars will become a new green livable planet.

Of course, if this kind of possibility will happen, it will be hundreds of years later. And what we’re going to talk about now is what the earth will look like 100 million years from now. Then, when the earth’s ecology is completely deteriorated and not suitable for human survival, is it possible for the earth to recover? The answer is yes. First of all, we need to understand that the earth itself has a very strong ecological restoration capacity.


You know, there have been many ecological upheavals in the history of the earth, each of which almost led to the complete extinction of life. At that time, the earth was a purgatory planet. However, after the ecological upheaval, with the passage of time, the earth’s strong repair ability has been playing a role, and let the earth recover to a beautiful planet.

However, the natural restoration of this kind of ecology needs a long process, from tens of millions of years to hundreds of millions of years. Even if the earth’s ecology deteriorates completely after hundreds of years, and human beings have to move to Mars to survive, then the earth’s ecology will be slightly restored without human destruction. In 100 million years, the earth may be a more beautiful ecological primitive planet.

Of course, this is only natural restoration without the intervention of human technology. However, in the actual development process, human beings have a strong scientific and technological strength. They will not wait for the earth to self repair for a long time, but will join in through the power of science and technology to accelerate the recovery of the earth’s ecology. It may only take about 10000 years for the earth to recover completely and human beings to return to life on the earth again.

Another possible big change in the earth after 100 million years is that the number of land plates may increase. I believe friends all know that there was only one huge plate land on the earth 300 million years ago, which we call Pangea. Later, the huge plate movement caused one plate to split into seven plates.


What is the force that makes one plate split into seven? Scientists believe that the main reason is the gravity of the moon. As we all know, the moon is the only natural satellite on earth. As a satellite, its mass is incredible. It is precisely because the moon is so large relative to the earth that it produces very obvious tidal forces.

The gravity between the earth and the moon not only slows down the rotation speed of the earth, which is more suitable for the birth and ecology of the earth’s ecology, but also changes the ecological changes of the earth. It can be said that in the long years, the earth often has some periodic huge ecological changes, which are largely related to the moon.

Under the influence of the gravity of the moon, Pangea gradually split into seven plates, forming seven continents and four oceans. Since the moon still exists, it will continue to affect the earth’s plate movement in the future. Therefore, scientists speculate that the earth’s plate will split in the future, possibly by merging some parts first and then splitting. Among them, South America and North America are the most likely. In 100 million years, there may be no more North and South America on the earth, but only the United American continent.


In addition to the above possibilities, scientists have another very big guess about the earth in 100 million years, that is to put on the cloak of science and technology. How to understand this? The so-called technological coat means that the earth will be completely transformed by human beings and become a scientific and technological earth.

We need to know that if human science and technology continue to develop, we can’t imagine how powerful it will be in 100 million years. However, we can be sure that at that time, human beings were already a powerful interstellar civilization in the universe. For an interstellar civilization, it was not difficult to transform a planet.

Then why do humans transform the earth? In fact, it is also for the safety of the earth and human beings. We should know that no matter the geological activities of the earth itself or various dangers from outside the earth, they will bring a lot of troubles and disasters to the earth and human beings. If we want to make the earth a safe home for human beings, it is inevitable to transform the earth through the power of science and technology.

It is possible that the earth’s interior in 100 million years will not be the magma material now, but the scientific and technological mechanical equipment of human beings. The whole earth looks like a planet on the outside, but its interior is no longer the structure of earth like planets. If we transform the earth’s interior with science and technology, there will be no geological activities and no more earthquakes.


And the earth’s ecology can also be adjusted freely, which is more conducive to human survival activities on the earth’s surface. In addition to the scientific and technological transformation of the earth’s interior, there will also be a lot of scientific and technological transformation of the earth’s surface. In addition to living facilities, there will also be some special buildings to protect the earth. And after the transformation of the earth is also a mobile wandering planet.

If there is an irreversible disaster in the solar system, such as a helium flash in the sun, then human beings will have to leave the solar system. At this time, we can also pack the earth together and take it away, instead of leaving the earth to be destroyed. It can be seen that the power of science and technology not only determines the fate of human beings in the future, but also determines the fate of the earth in the future.

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