What will the earth look like in two billion years? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I understand

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years, and the earth has been born for 4.6 billion years. In such a long period of time, the earth has experienced several mass extinctions from nothing to the birth of life. Finally, the earth still survives tenaciously, until the birth of human beings, and the earth officially becomes a civilized planet.

Scientists don’t know what major events the earth has experienced in the past 4.6 billion years. They just guess based on some archaeology, and human beings have only been born for millions of years. Most of human history is in primitive and feudal society, while the real development of human scientific and technological civilization is only about 100 years old.

In the past 100 years, human civilization has undergone earth shaking changes. The development in the past 100 years has surpassed the development in the past several thousand years, and mankind has officially entered the scientific and technological civilization. With the increasing understanding of the universe, a lot of conjectures about the future have been born. Some people have raised a question: what will the earth look like in 2 billion years?

The earth is certainly not the same as it was two billion years ago, and it is very different. Similarly, the earth in two billion years’ time is bound to be very different from what it is now. Scientists have also put forward their own views on this.


Some scientists think that if you want to know the future of the earth after 2 billion, you can refer to Venus. Venus and the earth are sister stars. They are both in the livable zone. According to the principle, the environment on Venus should be very good. But in fact, the environment on Venus is very bad now. There are frequent speeding winds, which can reach 500 kilometers per hour. Moreover, the temperature on the surface of Venus can reach 500 degrees. There is also an acid rain layer in the atmosphere, and there will be an acid rain from time to time.

Is Venus always like this? Scientists through the data sent back by the Venus probe found that Venus has a large number of deuterium residues, which is a heavier isotope of hydrogen. From this, we can judge that Venus existed with water a long time ago. Scientists guess that once Venus was also a beautiful planet, with water and atmosphere, and also a planet of life.

So why did Venus become what it is now? Scientists speculate that great changes have taken place in the nuclear fusion of the sun. As the sun gets hotter, Venus gets hotter near the sun. Liquid water gradually turns into water vapor, which is a kind of greenhouse gas. It will trap solar radiation, just like the greenhouse effect. Venus is getting hotter and hotter. It seems that the runaway greenhouse effect has turned Venus into the hottest planet in the solar system.

Will the sun get hot again in the future? Scientists say that if the sun keeps getting hotter in the future and the earth itself is getting hotter due to the greenhouse effect, the earth may get hotter and hotter in the future and eventually become a very hot planet.


In order to adapt to this high temperature, life on earth will also evolve slowly, which is the law of survival of the fittest in nature. Maybe two billion years later, there will be no winter and no snow on the earth. Even in winter, the temperature is not low, which is equivalent to spring now. However, winter has become a very comfortable season, and summer is the most difficult.

Of course, we can’t rule out that the earth will become the second Venus after 2 billion. However, some people say that if human civilization continues to develop, it may have become a high-level civilization in the universe in 2 billion years. At that time, there were many colonized planets, and the earth might have been abandoned by human beings.

This possibility is not without it. If human civilization develops for 2 billion years, no one can tell how high science and technology will be. Maybe at that time, human beings have already found many new earths in the universe, and human beings began to migrate to these new earths. Because of the depletion of resources and the deterioration of the environment, the earth is not suitable for human life. At that time, the earth may have become a world A museum to witness the development of human civilization.

This is the normal way of development. If the earth is facing another biological death in the next two billion years, no matter the asteroid impact on the earth or other catastrophes, 90% of the earth’s organisms will be extinct, including human beings. After countless years of development, a new intelligent civilization has emerged, reincarnating the road we have gone through.


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