What will the outside world look like? Scientists have come up with three bold conjectures

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In ancient times, people’s understanding of the earth was extremely limited. At that time, people thought that the earth was a boundless world, and the sun, moon and stars in the sky were only part of the earth. However, with the rapid development of human beings, intelligent people’s cognition of the earth has changed, and the geocentric theory, which has dominated the long history of human civilization, has been replaced by the heliocentric theory.

When human beings entered the era of science and technology and had astronomical telescopes, they really understood that there was a more wonderful world beyond the earth. But at that time, we still did not know what the earth looked like. Until human beings came out of the earth and stood in space to see the earth, we really understood that the earth was just a sphere with diameter and size.


This is the cognitive change that human beings have made in their efforts to develop science and technology. When human beings go out of the earth and see the vast universe, many people will think such a question: what will the world be like outside the universe? Many people may think that the universe is vast and vast, it is an infinite space, there is no such a view outside the universe, because our universe is the only one.

So is this cognition correct? If we think so, it is the same reason that people in ancient times thought the earth was infinite. This kind of cognition is no different from frog in the well. The reason why people in ancient times thought the earth was infinite is that there was no observation equipment to see the world beyond the earth.

In the same way, now people think that the universe is infinite. The main reason is that human science and technology are still very backward, and there is no very advanced equipment to penetrate the universe and see the outside world. Although human beings now claim that the observable universe has a range of 90 billion light-years, this range may only be a particle of dust in the whole universe, which is nothing at all.

Most scientists will not think that our universe is infinite, and there should be space outside the universe. What will the world outside the universe look like? In this regard, scientists put forward three bold conjectures.


The first conjecture is that there is nothing outside the universe. Just like the chaotic state of Pangu in ancient Chinese myths and legends, the universe was just a small singularity at the beginning of its birth. After its explosion, it gradually formed celestial bodies, nebulae and even galaxies.

The singularity big bang theory is a conjecture of the origin of the universe by modern science, and it has been recognized by most scientists. Through a large number of observations and simulation experiments, scientists have found a lot of evidence for the big bang theory. So our universe came from a big bang, which is basically recognized by the scientific community.

If the universe came from the big bang of a singularity, then the space in which the singularity was located at that time might be the world outside the universe that we are discussing now. There may be nothing in this world, just a void space, and it is a mysterious space completely different from our universe. There is no time, space probability and various cosmic rules here, which is beyond our imagination.


The second conjecture is that the universe is pluralistic. There is a more vast space outside our universe, where there are countless kinds of universes, and our universe is just one of the dust. Pluralistic cosmology is a conjecture put forward by scientists for a long time, and it is generally accepted by the scientific community. The famous physicist Hawking also thinks that the universe may be pluralistic.

However, there are two kinds of pluralistic cosmology in the scientific community. One is parallel cosmology. This theory holds that there are many universes similar to ours outside the universe. Among these universes, there are also the Milky way, the solar system and the earth. And every parallel universe has a you on the earth, but the fate of different parallel universe characters is different.

In this universe, you may just be an ordinary office worker, while in another parallel universe, you may be a super rich man or a great scientist. Although there is some support for the parallel universe theory, more people still think that the possibility of the existence of this parallel universe is very small.

Another kind of pluralistic cosmology holds that the world outside the universe is equivalent to another more vast space, where there are also vast galaxies and various celestial bodies, but those celestial bodies are not the stars and planets we know, but the universes like us. Different universes have different space environments and different rules, and there may be great differences in life forms and the direction of civilization development in nature.


The third conjecture is that our universe is man-made. Many people may think that this possibility does not exist. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology and more and more people’s knowledge of the universe, the number of people who accept this conjecture is increasing. It seems that it is impossible to create the universe in people’s eyes. It seems that only the God of creation in myths and legends can do it.

However, the power of science is powerful. Many scientists once put forward the view that the end of science is theology. The famous science in modern history loved Newton. Einstein would put part of his energy on the study of theology when he was old. Newton basically gave up the study of science and began to study theology when he was old.

Why do such great scientists study theology in their later years? The possible reason is that they found some relevance between science and theology. In any case, there is no doubt that the power of science is infinite. It is through the research and exploration of science that human beings have achieved their present scientific and technological achievements. Through science, we can solve the mystery of all things, the mystery of life, and finally the mystery of the universe.


When we fully understand the ultimate mystery of the universe, it is possible to create all things, life and even the universe. We need to know that our universe was just a singularity before it was born, and there was no matter at the time of the singularity big bang, only huge and incomparable energy. Now all the origins of the universe are just the huge explosion energy at that time.

According to Einstein’s mass energy equation, we know that energy and matter can be transformed into each other. The universe is composed of matter. Theoretically, as long as there are technologies and methods to release infinite energy in an instant, a new universe can be created. As long as technology develops to a certain extent, it is not impossible to create the universe.

Some people may say, if our universe is created by human beings, then where do the people who created our universe come from? Here we are going to talk about the pluralistic cosmology put forward by scientists. If this theory is correct, there will be countless kinds of universes in the vast space outside the universe, and the ages of these universes must also be different. Some universes may have been born for hundreds of billions or trillions of years.

The older the universe is, the more powerful the civilization will be. Some powerful civilizations in the ancient universe may have developed science and technology to the end, so they may have the ability to create all things and the universe. It is possible that our universe is just an experimental product of this powerful alien civilization.


Of course, there is no way to confirm the above three conjectures about the world outside the universe. The science and technology of human beings are insignificant in front of the vast universe. We even have no ability to go out of the solar system, let alone explore the boundaries of the universe. However, the power of science and technology is infinite. As long as human beings work hard to develop science and technology, one day, we will be able to observe the boundary of the universe and the world beyond the universe. Perhaps in the future, we will have the hope to go out of the universe and explore other universes.

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