What will Voyager encounter in the future after 43 years of safe flight?

Voyager probe is originated from NASA’s “interstellar journey” project. It has two sister spacecraft, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which are the pride of NASA. It has been 43 years since the launch in 1977. What have they achieved in the past 40 years? What will happen in the future? Let’s look down together.

Voyager 1


On September 5, 1977, Voyager 1 was launched from Cape CanaVille, Florida, carrying a Titan 3E Centaurus rocket, which is still in normal operation today.

Two years after its launch, in March 1979 and November 1980, it visited Jupiter and Saturn nearby. It not only saw the aurora on Jupiter’s back side, but also sent back tens of thousands of clear color photos of the two planets.

In 1989, it began to move towards the center of the galaxy. It reached the edge of the solar system in May 2012. On August 25, 2012, Voyager 1 became the first spacecraft to cross the solar circle and enter the interstellar medium. As of October 23, 2019, Voyager 1 is 21.1 billion kilometers away from the sun, which is the farthest satellite from the earth.


Scientists predict that until 2020, Voyager 1 will still have enough energy to support interstellar flight and keep in touch with the earth, but after 2025, Voyager 1 will completely lose contact with the earth and become a “Rover” floating in the universe.

Voyager 2


After the launch of Voyager 1, its sister ship Voyager 2 followed closely on September 5, 1977.

Voyager 2 visited many planets and their moons. On July 9, 1979, I visited Jupiter, found several rings around Jupiter, took photos of IO, and found volcanic activity on them.

After approaching Saturn, using Saturn’s gravity, he flew to Uranus on January 24, 1986 and discovered 10 previously unknown natural satellites. He also visited the last planet Neptune in August 1989.


After completing the mission to visit planets, it left the solar wind layer in December 2018 and became the second probe to enter interstellar space.

What will happen to Voyager in the future?


According to scientists’ prediction, Voyager will completely lose contact with the earth after 2025 and become a “wandering probe” floating in the universe.

As we all know, in addition to carrying scientific instruments, Voyager also carries a gold-plated copper audio-visual film and a diamond stylus, on which the voice of the earth is recorded, which can be preserved in the universe for a billion years.

Although scientists have made great efforts to explore and study the universe, and have captured some “cosmic signals”, the results obtained so far are not as good as expected. Up to now, we still have no evidence to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.


However, the universe is vast, full of unknown and mysterious. What will happen to Voyager in the future? There are three guesses.

Guess one:


Voyager will be intercepted by unknown civilizations in the universe. They will follow the signals we leave to find earth and establish contact with it.

Guess two:

Voyager will be attracted to a star and will orbit it for years to come.


Guess three:

Voyager in “wandering” for many years, will meet the black hole, and then be swallowed up by the black hole, from then on opened a breathtaking journey of black hole.


Xiaobian thinks that there must be other civilizations besides the earth. We can’t find them now, maybe because our technology is not strong enough, or the alien civilization is hidden too deeply. Maybe the Voyager will meet you in the future.

What do you think is the above speculation about the future of Voyager? Or do you have any other ideas? Welcome to comment area.

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