What would be on the other side of the black hole? Scientists give answers that people don’t believe

Black hole is a special celestial body in the universe, which can not be observed directly. The reason why scientists can determine that there is a black hole in the universe is mainly by observing the particularity of this space.

We know that a powerful ability of a black hole is phagocytosis. No matter what matter it is, as long as it is close to the black hole, it will be attracted and phagocytized by it. Even electromagnetic waves and light can not escape, so there is a virtual element around the black hole. In fact, it is not very difficult to detect whether there is a black hole in a certain part of the universe. As long as we find that there is no matter in this part of the universe, and more importantly, light and electromagnetic waves disappear through this area, we can judge whether there is a black hole this time.

In fact, there are not many black holes in the universe. There is a huge black hole at the center of the Milky way. The phagocytic ability of black holes is very strong. Sometimes even stars dare to phagocytize them. If there is a black hole with large mass in a small galaxy like the solar system, all stars and matter in the solar system may be swallowed by it. It is a big stomach.

No one knows how big a black hole’s appetite is, so what is a black hole? Because the current human technology can’t get close to the black hole, let alone send the detector to the black hole, even if it is sent in, it can’t get any results. What enters the black hole will not come out again, and the electromagnetic signal can’t be transmitted through the black hole.

Therefore, human beings know very little about black holes. Although human beings know too little about black holes, it can’t stop scientists from studying and guessing them. Many scientific truths come from fantasy and guessing at first.


Many people think that the matter swallowed by the black hole will be decomposed into particles and disappear in the universe forever, but some scientists do not think so. They think that the matter swallowed by the black hole has not disappeared, but may be released from the other end of the black hole. What will happen to the other end of the black hole?

Friends who may have seen science fiction and movies know that there is a kind of wormhole, which can make spaceships fly faster than light speed, and it can reach the universe tens of light years, or even hundreds of light years away in the moment of crossing the wormhole. Scientists speculate that black holes may be wormholes.

A black hole is equivalent to a portal connecting two points in the universe. One end of the gate is a part of the universe, and the other end may be tens of light years or hundreds of light years away. This depends on the size of the black hole. The larger the black hole is, the farther the connection distance is.

The universe is vast. If you want to realize the dream of exploring the universe, you can’t do without speed. If the speed of the spaceship can’t exceed the speed of light, even if the speed of the spaceship reaches the speed of light, the scope of the universe you can explore is extremely limited. If we want to really explore the universe, the spaceship must fly faster than the speed of light.

However, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, and it cannot reach the speed of light, let alone exceed the speed of light. Is it impossible to explore the universe? Of course not. Spaceship itself can’t reach the speed of light, but there may be a passage in the universe that can make spaceship fly faster than light speed. This passage is wormhole.

Scientists speculate that there are a wide range of wormholes in our universe. These wormholes can’t be observed directly and need special instruments. These wormholes are superluminal channels in the universe. For example, if we want to travel from the solar system to the Centaurus Galaxy according to normal travel, it will take about 10 years even if the Spacecraft flies at a speed infinitely close to the speed of light. If we can find the wormhole around the solar system leading to Centaurus, it may take only a few minutes to get there. Isn’t it very fast.


So what kind of wormhole would exist? Scientists suspect that black holes may be a kind of wormhole. Wormholes may not be a kind of wormhole. Some wormholes are relatively quiet and can not be found without special wormhole detection tools. Some wormholes may be more violent, such as black holes. Although wormholes like black holes are violent, it is easier to find them.

Although black holes are relatively easy to find, it’s not easy to cross the past. If the strength of the spacecraft doesn’t go up, it may face the risk of disintegration. But if the strength of the spacecraft reaches, it will fly faster than light.

Many people may have said that black holes are so dangerous that it’s better to look for quiet wormholes. However, human beings know little about wormholes, and it’s too difficult to develop tools to detect wormholes. Unless we’re lucky, we happen to encounter a wormhole while wandering in the universe. Of course, black holes also have their advantages. One is that they are easier to find, and the other is that they may travel farther.

If human beings are very developed one day and want to leave the galaxy, it is impossible to rely on normal navigation. At that time, we may need to pass through the huge black hole in the center of the galaxy. Scientists guess that the huge black hole in the center of the galaxy may be a wormhole between galaxies, and its transmission distance may reach hundreds of thousands of light-years, for example, we want to reach another place It’s a galaxy called Andromeda. It’s more than 2 million light years away from the earth. If it takes more than 2 million years for light to travel, it’s obviously impossible. But it may take only a few hours or less to travel through the black hole in the center of the galaxy.

What is the essence of black hole? At present, it’s just some conjectures of scientists. However, with the continuous progress of human space science and technology, in the future, human beings may be able to approach black holes for observation and research, or even try to cross them. The secret of black holes will be solved one day. Once it is determined that black holes are wormholes, then the spring of human beings will come.


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