What would earth people do if they found alien creatures and landed on their planet?

The universe is boundless, and our earth is just a small dust in the universe. For other planets outside the earth, it has always been something that our scientists study and explore, and for aliens, it has always been an unsolved mystery. There have been some UFO news, but later it can’t be explained. So far, human science and technology has not been fully developed It is not found that aliens, is there really no aliens?


At the present level of human science and technology, we can only study other planets in the solar system. Among the other planets we have found, there are no traces of extraterrestrials, and the other planets we have found have no resources that can give birth to life. However, human beings now dare to imagine that the earth will be the most special Galaxy in the solar system? Besides the solar system, there are hundreds of millions of galaxies in the universe. Is there no life in these hundreds of millions of galaxies? Research shows that the universe is constantly re expanding, and new galaxies are constantly emerging in the expanding universe. Therefore, aliens exist, maybe we haven’t found it yet.

Maybe we haven’t found aliens yet, but aliens have found us. If so, it can only show that the technological level of aliens is much higher than us. It takes 60 light years to cross the solar system. Since others can find us, it can be imagined that aliens want to live in peace with us. If they want to destroy us, it’s really easy The power of ash.


So if we find aliens, and we can land on that planet, how will we sit? Just think about it. If we find them, our science and technology level should be very good at that time. If we find that their science and technology level is worse than mine, I think we should communicate with them and live in peace. Can we go to their planet, and they can also come to our earth, provided that they will not cause harm to us, but If they don’t agree to live in peace, I think we should invade. Think about us. Now we are still in constant war against our compatriots, and it is still not peaceful. So we will not be soft on those creatures in outer space. If their planet has the resources we need, I think we will plunder them. If the technology of other planets is much higher than ours, I think we will send out a call for peace to them and learn from them. If they want to invade us, I think we will fight to the death, but I think it’s useless. After all, the technology of others is much higher than ours. But it’s just a guess of Xiaobian. What do you think will happen?


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