What would happen if the earth’s temperature reached 70 degrees Celsius? It could be very serious

The earth is a beautiful planet of life. 3.8 billion years ago, the reason why the earth became a rare planet of life in the universe was that the appropriate temperature was a key factor. There is no fixed value for this suitable temperature. The temperature of the earth varies in different periods. In ancient times, the temperature of the earth was much lower than it is now, and also much higher than it is now.

Under different temperatures, there will be suitable life. We should know that any life must follow the law of competing for nature and survival of the fittest. What’s the temperature of nature? Life can’t change, it can only adapt. If it can’t adapt, it will be eliminated by nature.

Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, the earth’s temperature was the result of natural adjustment by nature. However, when human beings entered the era of science and technology, the earth’s temperature changed greatly. Due to the development of a large number of industries and the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more obvious, which leads to the rising global temperature.


Therefore, the earth’s temperature is not the natural temperature of nature, but has increased a lot on the basis of the original natural temperature. According to the research of scientists, the temperature of the earth will continue to rise in the future, so some people asked this question: if the temperature of the earth reaches 70 ℃, what will happen?

Many people may think that the temperature of the earth can not reach 70 degrees Celsius, but in fact, if the temperature of the Earth continues to rise, it may reach 70 degrees Celsius in hundreds of years. So what happens at this temperature? It could be very serious. Some people may say here: the temperature in the sauna can sometimes reach 80-85 ℃. We can adapt to such a high temperature.

Here, let’s popularize the difference between dry heat and warm heat. The sauna usually has a dry steam room and a wet steam room. The dry steam temperature is usually 80-85 ℃; the wet steam temperature is usually 45-60 ℃. There are obvious differences between the two temperatures, and we can see that the sauna with terrible temperature is generally a dry steam room. The temperature of the dry steaming room is as high as 80 degrees Celsius, and we can persist for a period of time. The reason is that there is a huge difference between dry heat and warm heat.

The so-called dry heat and warm heat are actually related to the moisture content in the atmosphere, which is what we call humidity. I believe many people know that there is a kind of sultry feeling in summer, but in autumn, it is clear and crisp, and the feeling is not so sultry. Is the temperature in summer very different from that in autumn? In fact, it’s not. Many times, at the beginning of autumn, the temperature is higher than that in summer.


The reason why we feel less muggy in autumn when it is hot is because the humidity in autumn is lower than that in summer. The difference is related to the relationship between temperature and humidity. We all know that human beings are a kind of thermostatic animals. The normal body temperature is generally 36-37 ℃. If the external temperature is close to or higher than the body temperature, then we will sweat, let the sweat evaporate, take away a lot of heat, and maintain the normal body temperature.

The human body depends on sweating to adjust its own humidity, so that the body maintains a normal temperature, so that the human body can be healthy. In a dry and hot environment, there is less water in the air, and sweat is easier to be discharged from the body. Although sweat evaporation is great, as long as the human body keeps water intake, the human body can maintain normal temperature for a long time under this condition.

But if it is in a hot and humid environment, there is more moisture in the air, and the humidity is higher, then the evaporation of human sweat will be greatly affected, that is, the heat can not be taken away by sweat evaporation, and the excess heat of human body can not be distributed! At this time, even if the outside temperature is lower than the body temperature, we will feel extremely uncomfortable and very muggy.


So when summer comes, although the humidity in the South and the north is almost the same, sometimes the high temperature in the north is higher than that in the south, people in the South and the North feel different about the high temperature. If people from the north go to live or work in the south, they will feel most deeply in summer. In summer, people in the South will feel very sultry, often sweating and uncomfortable.

However, people in the north also feel that the weather is very hot, but this heat is not the sultry heat of the south. Therefore, as long as there is a little breeze in the summer in the north, people will feel very cool, but the breeze in the South can not change people’s sultry feeling.

It can be seen that the influence of heat and humidity is far greater than that of dry heat. When the earth’s humidity reaches 70 degrees Celsius, it will not only increase the humidity, but also increase the humidity. This is because when the global temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius, all glaciers in the world will melt. At that time, the sea level will rise by about 60 meters, and a lot of land will be drowned.

With the increase of global ocean area, the global evaporation caused by high temperature will also increase greatly, and the average humidity will increase greatly. At this time, the high temperature of 70 ℃ in the high humidity state is equivalent to the high temperature of Baidu in the dry heat state. Under such a high temperature, can life on earth adapt? Can human beings adapt? The answer is No.


Even if we don’t consider the moisture in the atmosphere, it’s impossible for human beings to live in a state of dry heat of 70 degrees Celsius. When the humidity reaches 60 degrees Celsius, the protein begins to solidify. If long-term in such a high temperature, the human body will collapse, simply can not survive.

The above is only a part of the impact of the high temperature of 70 degrees. In fact, the high temperature will bring another terrible disaster, that is, the continuous invasion of the virus. I believe we all know that the unknown virus appeared recently, and its source may be wild animals. But if we think about it more deeply, the emergence of unknown viruses is also related to the rising humidity of the earth.

If the earth’s humidity reaches 70 degrees Celsius, not only the ice and snow in the north and south poles will melt, but also the frozen permafrost that has been frozen for tens of millions of years will wake up. In the ancient permafrost, there are countless kinds of bacteria and viruses in various periods. Once the frozen soil layer recovers, these ancient bacteria and viruses are likely to be revived. These ancient bacteria and viruses are full of various unknowns for us, which may bring great threats to the earth’s ecology and life.


I believe that seeing this, many people think of Hawking’s five predictions, one of which is to warn the earth that the time left for mankind may be only a few hundred years, and that mankind should leave the earth as soon as possible. Hawking said that, it is not an unfounded complete conjecture, but seeing that the rising humidity of the earth brought by industry is intensifying.

Once the earth’s humidity exceeds a certain limit, the ecology may collapse completely. At that time, the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival. Only when human beings leave the earth and go to other planets can life continue. Maybe some people will say that we should start to protect the environment and let the humidity of the earth not rise any more?

But in fact, the rising trend of the earth’s humidity has been difficult to change, which has external reasons, such as the energy released by the sun will continue to increase in the future. There are also the reasons inside the earth. The main reason inside is the large amount of carbon dioxide emissions brought by science and technology. As long as human beings want to develop science and technology rapidly, it is impossible to stop industry, and the natural carbon dioxide emissions are difficult to reduce.

It can be seen that the future of the earth is not good, and what human beings can do is to develop science and technology rapidly. As long as we become an interstellar civilization and have the ability of interstellar navigation, we can explore more distant stars and realize interstellar colonization. At that time, the earth and the solar system could not restrain human beings, and the earth’s crisis could not threaten human beings.


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