What would happen if water as heavy as the sun were poured on the sun? Can you put out the sun?

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The sun is a star that was born five billion years ago, and then the solar system. It can be said that the solar system exists because of the existence of the sun. The sun is the largest in the solar system, and it is also the source of light and energy. The birth of life and human beings on the earth is closely related to the existence of the sun. With the care of the sun’s light and heat, the earth has become a living planet.

After the birth of human beings, they are very curious about the sun, but because people in ancient times did not have the concept of scientific and technological knowledge, they naturally did not know what the sun was, only knew that it was a thing that could burn and emit light and heat. Only when we enter the age of science and technology and have astronomical telescopes can we know that the sun is a star. There are at least 100 billion stars like this in the Milky way.


The sun can burn and heat, so someone once thought of such a bold idea: pour water as heavy as the sun on the sun, so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the sun. Is this plan feasible? What would happen if water as heavy as the sun were poured on the sun?

The reason why some people use water to extinguish the sun is that they see that almost all fires on the earth can be extinguished with water. As long as the amount of water is enough, any fire can be extinguished. But the burning of the sun is different from what we know about chemical burning. We know that combustion needs oxygen to support combustion. The reason why water can extinguish such a fire is that water insulates combustion from oxygen, so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire.

However, the burning of the sun is nuclear fusion burning, and its energy comes from the core, which is about a quarter of the radius of the sun extending outward from the center of the sun. In the core of the sun, hydrogen nuclei collide with each other to form helium nuclei, which also release a lot of energy. These energy forms are mainly neutrinos and gamma rays. Gamma photons interact with the nucleus and propagate from the core of the sun to the surface after a long time, which is the burning picture of the sun.


Why does helium fusion occur inside the sun? The main reason is the pressure of its own strong gravity, which makes the temperature, density and pressure of the core extremely high. When the sun was first formed, it was also a very common celestial body. As it absorbed the surrounding matter by gravity, its mass became larger and larger.

When the mass reaches a certain level, the strong pressure ignites the internal nuclear fusion reaction and becomes a star. Any celestial body will become a star as long as it has enough material and mass to a certain extent. Therefore, the burning of the sun is helium fusion, the raw material is a lot of hydrogen inside, and the power is its strong pressure.

If we pour water as heavy as the sun on the sun, it will virtually double the mass of the sun. At this time, we will not only be unable to extinguish the sun, but will make the nuclear fusion reaction of the sun more intense. The more massive the star is, the stronger the squeezing effect of its own gravity will be, making the core temperature, density and pressure higher. Therefore, the faster the nuclear fusion reaction rate is, the more energy the star will produce per unit time.


Therefore, watering the sun is actually pouring oil on the volcano, which will only make the sun “burn more and more vigorously” and will not extinguish the sun at all. Because of this, the lifetime of a star decreases as its mass increases. Stars like the sun can burn for about 10 billion years, while stars with twice the mass of the sun can only burn for about 1 billion years, and red dwarfs with only one tenth of the mass of the sun can burn for hundreds of billion years.

After reading these, I believe we all understand that water is not enough to extinguish the sun. No matter how much water there is, it is useless. In fact, the solar system is not short of water. Many planets are ice world. If the heat of the sun can be reduced by watering, the future of the earth will not have to worry. We all know that with the decrease of fuel, the sun will expand in the future, the energy will be higher and higher, and the temperature of the earth will be higher and higher.

If the temperature of the sun doesn’t come down, the earth will become a planet that can’t survive. If the sun could be watered down at that time, it would be a great blessing for the earth. Unfortunately, this method does not work. If we water the sun, it will only speed up the hydrogen fusion of the sun. On the contrary, it will shorten the life of the sun and make the sun expand faster.


It’s not so easy to extinguish the sun. Some people think of using nuclear bombs to explode. This method is not to extinguish the sun, but to destroy it. Once the sun expands and explodes, the whole solar system will be gone. Later, someone thought of using a small black hole to devour a large amount of hydrogen inside the black hole through its phagocytic ability. Without hydrogen material, the burning of the sun will stop.

In fact, using black holes to extinguish the sun is even more unreliable. The gravity of a black hole is so strong that if it enters the sun, it will devour not only hydrogen, but also other matter. And with its phagocytosis, black holes will grow, and finally grow from small black holes to large black holes. If you swallow up the sun, you will swallow up the whole solar system, and the earth will die together.

Therefore, for the sun, we can only let it develop naturally, if it expands to a red giant and threatens the earth in the future. Humans can only leave the solar system to live in other galaxies. Some people may worry about whether humans can leave the solar system at that time. In fact, there is no need to worry about such a thing. As long as human civilization can continue to develop, it may be as powerful as the earth we can’t imagine in a few billion years.


Even if we can’t become the most powerful civilization in the universe, there’s no problem in becoming an ordinary interstellar civilization. As long as we have the ability of interstellar navigation and the size of the universe, we will be able to explore a very wide range. At that time, the colonized planets of human beings will also be all over the universe. We don’t have to worry that there will be no place to go when the solar system can’t survive. If possible, maybe humans can pack the earth together. For a powerful interstellar civilization, it is not too difficult to move a planet to other galaxies.

It can be seen that science and technology is the greatest guarantee for human beings. As long as science and technology are powerful enough, we can deal with any cosmic disaster. We don’t have to worry about asteroid impact, star destruction and so on. Human civilization can continue forever until the day when the universe is destroyed. Even when the life of the universe is exhausted, we can also rely on powerful technology to leave the universe for refuge and wait for the birth of a new universe to come back.

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