What would happen if water as heavy as the sun were poured on the sun? You don’t think of the answer

The sun is a star, which brings a little light and warmth to the dark and cold universe, and the birth of life star is inseparable from the star. An important reason why the earth can become a living planet and give birth to human beings is that it is in the livable zone of the sun, which provides light and warmth to the earth.

Before human beings walked out of the earth, we knew that the sun was a big fireball, but we didn’t know why the sun could burn for a long time. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the exploration and discovery of nuclear energy, human beings have a new understanding of the burning of the sun. Now I believe many people know that the burning of the sun is different from ordinary burning. It is a nuclear fusion reaction.

Someone once asked the question: what would happen if water of the same quality as the sun were poured on the sun? Can you put out the sun? In our traditional cognition, water and fire are incompatible. Any burning fire can be extinguished as long as there is enough water. So some people think of using enough water to extinguish the sun. Is that really possible?


In fact, the answer to this question is not complicated. As long as you understand the burning pattern of the sun, you will have the answer in your mind. As we said just now, the burning of the sun is actually a nuclear fusion reaction. Under the pressure of its own strong gravity, the temperature, density and pressure of the core of the sun have reached a terrible level.

At this time, in the core of the sun, hydrogen nuclei collide with each other to form helium nuclei. Such hydrogen fusion can produce huge energy, mainly in the form of neutrinos and gamma rays. Gamma photons interact with nuclei, and it takes a long time for them to travel to the surface inside the sun.

From this, we understand that the fuel of solar fusion is hydrogen. The problem is that when a large amount of water is poured into the sun, the high-temperature radiation produced by the sun will cause the water to decompose instantaneously, and the composition of water is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. At this time, the hydrogen atoms produced by water decomposition become the fuel needed for solar fusion. When a large amount of water is poured into the sun, it will produce hydrogen The generation of a large number of hydrogen atoms not only can not extinguish the sun, but will intensify the sun’s nuclear fusion reaction, which is equivalent to adding fuel to the fire.


If water of the same mass as the sun is poured into the sun, a large amount of hydrogen will increase the mass of the sun. While intensifying the nuclear fusion reaction of the sun, it will also reduce the life span of the sun. I believe many friends know that the life span of stars will decrease with the increase of the mass. Therefore, in the universe, the life span of red dwarfs is relatively long, while that of large stars is relatively short For example, our sun is in the middle of the two, and it has a life span of 10 billion years.

At this time, I believe my friends should have known that it is not feasible to use water to extinguish the sun. No amount of water can only give quality to the sun, so can the sun not be extinguished by external factors and only wait for its natural life to expire? Of course, it’s not. Although it’s very difficult to extinguish the fusion sun, it doesn’t mean there’s no way.

Some people have proposed the method of using small black holes to put out the sun. This method is completely feasible in theory. Black hole is the most attractive celestial body in the universe. Its biggest function is to devour any matter. If a small black hole is thrown into the sun, because the black hole has no entity, the radiation of the sun will not affect it, and naturally it cannot be eliminated.


However, once a black hole enters the sun, it will have a great impact. At this time, the phagocytic capacity of the black hole will gradually absorb the hydrogen of the sun. The hydrogen fuel required for solar fusion will be less and less, and the nuclear fusion reaction of the sun will be less and less. When all the hydrogen atoms of the sun are absorbed, the sun will naturally go out. At this time, the sun may only have the dense matter in its core, that is, white dwarfs.

According to the normal evolution process of the sun, its hydrogen fuel will be slightly reduced in the process of nuclear fusion reaction, and then the sun will expand and transform into a red giant, and finally evolve into a white dwarf. The whole process takes about 10 billion years. But if a black hole is thrown into the sun, it will speed up the evolution process. It may take only tens of thousands of years to complete in 10 billion years.

From this, we can also see that black hole is really the king of destruction in the universe, and it will bring disaster wherever it goes. Although this method is feasible in theory, it is very difficult for human beings to realize it. The most difficult is man-made black hole. Only when human beings have the ability to realize man-made black hole technology, it is possible to extinguish the Sun ahead of time.


Man made black holes seem to be impossible now. Now we know very little about black holes, not to mention the nature of man-made black holes. However, science and technology are developing forward. As long as human science and technology are developing forward, it is not impossible to completely understand the nature of black holes in the future.

If human beings master the technology of artificial black hole in the future, they may have become a powerful civilization in the universe. Of course, even if human beings master this technology, they can’t throw a black hole into the sun. Isn’t that to let the solar system destroy ahead of time. Although we can’t extinguish the sun, we can go to other lifeless galaxies outside the solar system and experiment with other stars.

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