What would human beings do if they found a livable planet with lower life?

Human beings have been trying to find extraterrestrial life, because people think that in such a vast universe, there must be habitable planets similar to the earth.

Because interstellar migration has always been a dream of mankind, because the earth’s resources are currently exhausted, do not know when the earth will be destroyed, human will not stay.


So human beings hope to find a new planet that can let life continue. However, with the current level of human science and technology, it is not possible to leave the solar system, and interstellar migration is even more distant.

Reality is impossible, but fantasy is always possible.

But if one day, human beings really find a planet as suitable for life as the earth, and there are already low-level life inhabited, what will human beings do?


There is no doubt that many people will think that if human beings find a livable planet with lower life and suitable for survival, they will rush over and occupy the planet as quickly as a cow sees a red cloth.

As far as our country is concerned, although it advocates peace, if we are indifferent, there will always be people occupying the world, and the final result will be the same. Why do we stand in a daze!


Moreover, the world itself is a world of the jungle. From the perspective of human nature, there is not so much truth to speak of. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, not out of the fittest.

In order to survive and develop, as long as the time is ripe, human beings will not hesitate to compete, research and develop the livable planet, and try to immigrate to the past.

In the history of human beings, this kind of land grabbing also exists. In the 15th century, European capitalism began to develop rapidly, and the population growth was also extremely rapid.


And since they discovered the new continent of America, they quickly occupied it. At that time, there were indigenous people living in America, but they were too backward. They were still in the age of cold weapons and were vulnerable to the long guns and cannons of Europe.

Therefore, we can only allow the Europeans to plunder and colonize a large number of people, and finally make the indigenous people lose their land and culture and become colonies.


You know, at that time, the European continent was separated from the American continent, but the Europeans arrived in America by boat.

Let’s see if our earth, the earth and the livable planet are separated by a piece of universe. If the level of human science and technology keeps up with it, can we shuttle through the universe and seize the planet’s resources?

At present, scientists have discovered that there are many earth like planets in the universe, also known as the “second earth” or habitable planet. But it can not be further explored.


Xiaobian believes that once human beings have mastered higher science and technology, they may break through the 0.7 level of cosmic civilization and move forward to the second level of cosmic civilization. At that time, human beings are likely to directly obtain stellar energy and become more advanced and developed species.

If we find a new livable planet, we will not kill the lower life on the planet, but we will certainly occupy their homes. Human beings will spread their civilization, make it continue in another new planet, and then gradually occupy the land of alien life.


What do you think humans would do if they found a livable planet with lower life? Welcome to comment area.

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