What would humans do if they found a planet with low civilization? You don’t think of the answer

Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been looking for extraterrestrial civilization, but decades later, nothing has been found, so is there really no other intelligent life in the universe? If you think so, it’s too arbitrary. The universe is vast, with countless galaxies and planets. How can only the earth have civilization? Scientists think that the main reason why we can’t find the existence of extraterrestrial civilization now is that human science and technology are relatively backward.

If we divide the civilization in the universe into ten levels, human civilization can only be regarded as the second level civilization, that is, we have just stepped out of the earth, and we can’t even go out of the solar system now. Only the earth has intelligent life in the solar system, and there is no life on other planets. If we want to discover alien civilization, we have to go out of the solar system, and maybe there are also aliens outside the solar system Civilization thinks so. They may also think that there may be civilization in the solar system, but the limitation of science and technology cannot come.

The distance of the universe is measured in light years. If you want to really explore the universe, the basic speed must reach the speed of light. Even if the speed of a spaceship can reach the speed of light, it will take 100000 years to fly out of the galaxy, let alone explore the universe outside the galaxy. Therefore, the speed of light is only the basic speed in the universe. If you want to have a further exploration ability, you must achieve superluminal speed It’s flying.

If there are many civilizations in the universe, then the hierarchical strength between civilizations must be different. There are low-level civilizations and high-level civilizations. If human beings go out of the solar system one day and find a low-level civilization that has not yet gone out of the planet, what will they do? Will they turn a blind eye or choose aggression? Or other peaceful ways?


Some people may say that human beings are peace loving. If we really want to find a planet that is still in primitive civilization, we will treat them with equal status and cooperate with them to jointly develop the planet. Is that really the case? I think this possibility is very small. Although our earth is not big, there are many countries. There are few peaceful ways for powerful countries to deal with some weak countries. Otherwise, there will not be so many wars in history. In the era of peace, some areas of the earth are often invaded by a powerful country.

In our small earth, the strong have no real equality with the weak, let alone in the universe. The competition between civilizations in the universe is more cruel than that of other countries on the earth. The equal status is based on the fact that there is little difference in strength. If there is too much difference in strength between civilizations, it is difficult to have the qualification of equal dialogue. Low level civilization can only develop to high level civilization It’s just a better situation to bow to the throne. If we meet a cruel civilization, it may be the fate of being a slave.

Human beings are relatively peaceful civilizations. If one day human beings find a lower civilization in the universe, which is still in the primitive or feudal society, and in the age of cold weapons, there is a huge gap between the strength of human civilization and that of human civilization that can carry out interstellar navigation. At this time, human beings will not let go of this planet. A life planet is a planet rich in resources. If the environment of this planet is also suitable for human survival, then human beings must colonize this planet.

Of course, we are a peace loving human civilization. We will not conquer the planet by force, but we will not negotiate with the leader of this low-level civilization through equal dialogue. As long as we show our strength, the aborigines of low-level civilization may be courted. Some people may say how is this possible? Human beings are invaders, and the aborigines will not welcome them. It is inevitable that war will break out.

But don’t forget, this planet is still a planet in primitive civilization, people’s understanding is very limited, they don’t know the existence of the universe, the existence of extraterrestrials, when human beings come with spaceships, they will treat human beings as gods, as a kind of belief, what we let the indigenous people do, they will do what they are obedient to.


Some people may not believe it, but if we recall the history of the development of the earth in ancient times, you will understand that there are many ancient documents on the earth. From these historical records, God was mentioned. In the eyes of the ancients, these so-called gods were superior, omnipotent, able to fly to heaven and call the wind and rain. In the eyes of modern people, we all know that these gods are actually aliens.

Alien spaceships are artifact in the eyes of the ancients. It’s nothing to call the wind and the rain for a civilization carrying out interstellar activities. In fact, these skills are all means of science and technology, but the ancients have limited knowledge, so they regard these aliens as gods. They will do whatever God asks them to do. Do you think the ancients will launch war against aliens? Of course not, aliens can’t tell the ancients that we are mortals just like you, but our technology is advanced, and we are not gods.

If the truth is told to the ancients, there will be no sense of mystery. Maybe the ancients will treat the aliens as invaders and start a war when they know the truth. Isn’t that asking for trouble. One day, when human beings discover a low-level civilization planet, it’s the same with nature. We will set up the image of a God with a high attitude, and then use human science and technology to create some so-called miracles, such as a few artificial rainfalls, using laser weapons to open mountains, etc. in this way, the aborigines of low-level civilization will regard human beings as gods, and human beings can easily colonize the planet, no doubt Using any force is the best way for high civilization to invade low civilization.

Of course, if we meet a civilization whose strength is similar to that of human beings, we can’t help it. You think colonization must start a war. Therefore, strength is also respected in the universe. Only when human civilization develops science and technology and the level of civilization improves, can we really explore the universe safely without fear of being invaded and bullied by other civilizations.


If you find a low-level civilization, what kind of methods will you take to conquer this planet? Welcome to leave a message to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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