What would it be like if the moon were replaced by other planets in the solar system?

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. As for the origin of the moon, the view of modern science is that in the early days of the earth, a Mars sized celestial body collided with the earth, and the impact material and celestial debris formed the moon. In this way, the moon has a very long history. It has accompanied the earth for billions of years, witnessed the birth, evolution and evolution of life on earth, and witnessed the development of the whole history of human civilization.

Although the moon is a satellite, its mass and volume are very large compared with the earth. Just like the rotation and revolution of the moon, it always faces the earth on one side. If we want to see the back of the moon, we can only go around it through the probe. It is precisely because of the larger size of the moon, so its gravity is very important for the earth, the earth can have the current ecological environment has a close relationship with the moon.


The earth’s tidal force is basically caused by the moon, while the ocean’s tidal rise and fall is caused by the tidal force, and the root behind it is the moon. Therefore, the moon has a huge role for the earth, it was once proposed: the moon bomb the earth will be better. I believe that as long as there is a little common sense friends all know that doing so will bring disaster to the earth.

Although the proposal to blow up the moon has been rejected, other discussions about the moon have never stopped. Some people also raised such an interesting topic: if the moon was replaced by other planets in the solar system, what would it be like? What’s the fate of the earth?

If we don’t consider all the factors including gravity, when planets take the place of the moon, we will see a shocking and beautiful scene on earth, and the effect will be amazing. Especially when Jupiter appears, it is so beautiful that people forget to breathe. This scene is very similar to the scene of Pandora’s spinning polyphemis planet in the movie Avatar. It’s very simple and beautiful.


After Saturn takes the place of the moon, it will also be very beautiful because it has 200000 kilometers of beautiful planetary rings, just like a huge hat in the sky, which has a sense of science fiction. If the super Neptune replaces the moon, a huge blue sphere will appear over the earth, which is also beautiful.

These scenes are the super visual and super beautiful scenes brought by the replacement of the moon by planets without considering all factors. But the real situation is not so beautiful. If the moon is really replaced by other planets in the solar system, it will definitely be a disaster for the earth, especially for the subversive impact on the ecosystem. The whole ecosystem will be rewritten, and in the process of rewriting, it also means that the existing life on the earth will be destroyed and come back again.


The diameter of the moon is about 3476km, which is only one fourth of the diameter of the earth. The average distance between mercury and the earth is about 380000km. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, with a diameter of only 4878km. Its mass and volume are not much different from that of the moon. Replacing the moon will not have much impact on the earth. The only thing we feel is that the moon in the sky seems to be bigger.

The diameter of Mars is about 6794 km. If it replaces the moon, it will not have a great impact on the earth. However, Mars is not willing to be a satellite of the earth at this time. Although Mars will also circle the earth, at this time, the earth will also start to circle Mars in a small range.

If we replace Venus, which is 12103.6 kilometers in diameter, with the moon. Venus will not be a satellite of the earth. At this time, Venus and the earth will form a binary system, that is, they will revolve around a certain point between them. At this time, the influence of Venus on the earth is more obvious. Some changes have taken place in the operation of the earth, which will inevitably affect the earth’s ecosystem. In particular, the influence of tidal force is very obvious. We will find that the fluctuation of the ocean is more obvious, and it is possible that floods will occur frequently and violently.


If the blue Neptune with a diameter of 49532 km is replaced by the moon, the best situation at this time is that the earth will become Neptune’s satellite and orbit around Neptune. We can see the beautiful blue Neptune standing on the earth. Of course, the earth’s ecosystem may change dramatically at this time. Uranus is about the same diameter as Neptune, and its replacement of the moon is about the same as Neptune. Of course, this is only an ideal situation. If this is not an ideal situation, it is possible that the earth will collide directly with Neptune, and the earth will be destroyed. The debris produced may form a ring like Saturn’s ring to orbit Neptune. After a long time, these debris may form a new moon like planet and become Neptune’s satellite.

With these planets, the last one to appear is Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. If Jupiter replaces the moon, with the mass and volume of Jupiter, the fate of the earth can only become a little brother, will become a satellite around Jupiter. Due to the huge mass of Jupiter, its gravity is strong and stable, so for the earth, although it will lead to ecological changes, the earth will not be destroyed. However, life on the earth is not so lucky, there may be a mass extinction, until countless years later, the earth’s new ecological formation, and then the birth of new life.


The mass and volume of Saturn are smaller than that of Saturn. Normally, its replacement of the moon is similar to that of Jupiter, and the earth will become a new moon of Saturn. However, Saturn has a ring with a range of 200000 km, which is equivalent to an asteroid belt, with countless small bodies.

The distance between earth and moon is only 380000 km, and the range of Saturn’s rings is 280000 km. At that time, Saturn’s rings will be very close to the earth, which is a huge potential threat. The earth is likely to attract the small objects of Saturn’s rings to impact the earth through gravity, which is absolutely destructive to the earth’s ecology. You know, Mars may have been a beautiful planet of life like earth a long time ago.

But now Mars has become a barren planet. Why? Scientists speculate that it may be because there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where asteroids are often pulled by the gravity of Mars and collide with Mars, resulting in the destruction of the Martian ecosystem. The magnetic field is gone, the atmosphere is getting thinner and thinner, the water on the surface is slowly lost, and finally life is gone.


Through the above analysis, we can see that only mercury replacing the moon has less impact on the earth, other planets replacing the moon will bring great impact on the earth, especially for the earth life, there is a risk of extinction. Therefore, the original moon is better. In billions of years, it has been closely linked with the fate of the earth. In fact, the fate of the moon is also related to the fate of the earth. When the future of mankind into the interstellar, it should be better to protect the moon, rather than to destroy or even destroy it.

My friends, what’s your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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