What would it look like outside the universe? Scientists put forward three views, and the last one is close to reality

After thousands of years of civilization development, mankind finally embarked on the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago. With the help of science and technology, we soon realized our desire to fly to the sky, walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe.

Compared with the universe, the earth is too small. Due to the exaggerated scale, people are full of infinite curiosity about the universe and want to explore and understand various mysteries in the universe. However, with more and more human knowledge of the universe, the initial curiosity began to turn into awe and fear.


When we first understood the universe, we saw a dark, cold and lonely space, which could not be compared with the richness of the earth. However, with the continuous improvement of human observation technology, our eyes go out of the solar system, out of the Milky way, to the farthest distance that light can reach.

At this time, we understand that the universe is the real wonderful space. And in the vast universe, in addition to all kinds of wonderful, there are all kinds of dangers, whether it’s asteroid impact, solar destruction or supernova explosion, can make the earth life return to zero and restart. If a black hole comes to the solar system, the whole solar system will disappear completely in the near future, leaving only a hole in the position of the solar system.

In the process of exploring the universe, we also recognize that the universe is accelerating expansion, and the expansion of the universe makes us think of a possibility that there may be more mysterious and vast space outside the universe. We need to know that when we blow balloons, the reason why balloons can expand is that apart from constantly blowing air into them, the more important thing is that there is earth outside balloons.


If we fix a balloon in a limited space, the maximum expansion of the balloon will not exceed the scope of the space. Balloon expansion is so, so the expansion of the universe should be similar to it. If there is no space outside the universe, how can it continue to expand?

Theoretically speaking, if anything wants to expand, it needs space outside. It is the realization that there may be space outside the universe. Scientists also put forward three views on the appearance of space outside the universe. The last one is closer to reality.


1、 The universe may be the neuron organization of a living body. I believe my friends have heard of such a subversive conjecture that the universe may be a part of a living body. Although this view is hard to accept, many scientists support it and have published some scientific research papers.

The reason why scientists speculate that the universe may be a neuron of life is that when scientists study the human brain, they find many similarities with the universe. If we shrink the universe to the size of the human brain, you will be surprised to find that there are many similarities between the two.

There are a large number of neurons in the human brain, which crisscross and form the complex and precise structure of the brain. There are countless celestial bodies, galaxies, galaxy clusters and other structures in the universe, and these structures are not completely independent, but intertwined and connected with each other.


Planets revolve around stars, stellar systems move around the center of larger galaxies, and large galaxies move around the center of mass of larger structures outside galaxies. The whole universe is in a state of motion, in which a variety of celestial bodies, galaxies and so on constitute a crisscross complex network of the universe. This is similar to the human brain.

2、 The universe is an infinite space. This view holds that our universe itself is a huge infinite space, and there is no existence outside the universe. However, this view is difficult to explain the rapid expansion of the universe and the big bang theory.


Just imagine, if our universe itself is infinite space, then the origin of the universe may not be the singularity big bang, but other models. And since the space of the universe is infinite, why is it expanding rapidly now? What is the significance of inflation?

Maybe we can use another way to explain this point of view. For example, our universe itself is infinite, and there is only a very small “bubble” in this infinite space. This “bubble” was born 13.8 billion years ago, and after it was born, it began to expand and occupy the space of the universe itself. And human beings are born in this bubble.

3、 Outside the universe is a parallel universe. After Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he also put forward his own views on the appearance of the universe. He thought that the universe is not unique, but exists in a pluralistic form. Besides our universe, there is a more vast space, where there are countless universes, one of which is the universe in which we live.


Hawking once put forward a similar view with Einstein. He also thought that there was a universe outside the universe, that is, parallel universe. String theory is the basic science supporting parallel cosmology. One of the basic ideas of string theory is that the basic unit of nature is not dot like particles such as electrons, photons, neutrinos and quarks, but very small linear “strings”.

String theory also tells us that the universe exists in multi-dimensional form, and there is no sensitive universe in each dimension. The universe of human existence is only a three-dimensional space, in which there are countless parallel universes.


We can think of these universes as fragments, and there is more space beyond the fragments. There are 11 such spaces. Each represents a dimension, and there are countless universes in each dimension space. These universes are independent of each other and have their own scientific systems. The scientific theory of each dimensional space is a system, and the scientific basic system of different dimensional space may be different, so human beings in three-dimensional space cannot understand the mystery and science of four-dimensional space.

Of course, although this point of view is a conjecture recognized by scientists at present, it is still a theoretical conjecture before string theory is verified by experiments. If we can prove string theory in the future, then the existence of multidimensional space will become a reality, and then parallel cosmology may become a reality.

However, even if we prove that there is space outside the universe in the future, it may be very difficult for us to go out of the universe and explore the mysteries outside the universe. Unless human beings reach the end of science and can turn the wormhole technology of theoretical existence into reality, it may be possible to break the space barrier and get out of the universe. I just don’t know what kind of expression people would have when they saw the scenes outside the universe at that time?

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