What would the world be like if man made anti gravity technology? Scientists give the answer

Gravity is one of the four basic natural forces in the universe, which exists together with electromagnetic force and strong and weak force. But what if we can change it? If you’re tired of crowded city life, antigravity might be right for you. Do you want to make it easy for other drivers to jump over the traffic jam when they are going crazy? Then “anti gravity” may be able to meet your needs!

This technology has not been completely perfected, but if we do, it will completely change our world. What if we could create anti gravity?


According to NASA, gravity is the force that a planet or other celestial body pulls an object toward its center of gravity. Antigravity, as the name suggests, is a hypothetical way to counteract the effects of gravity. Although many scientists say that anti gravity is impossible, we didn’t try to stop trying. But if we want to understand it, we have to explore a more mysterious part of the universe: antimatter.

To understand what antimatter is and what it has to do with antigravity, we need to go back to the big bang, when matter and antimatter came into being.


Matter is made up of atoms, which make up various chemical elements such as helium, oxygen and hydrogen. Inside the atom, there are smaller particles, such as protons and electrons.

Protons are positively charged, while electrons are often negatively charged. In antimatter, these particles have the opposite charge, which leads to speculation that their other properties may also be reversed. For example, their reaction to antigravity.


At present, we do not have the ability to test the reaction of antimatter to gravity. However, some theories claim that through the test, we will find that antimatter particles will “fall” up rather than down.

This will provide us with the first real case of anti gravity. If so, a technological revolution will be triggered. In theory, we can use antimatter to develop technology or objects to protect human beings from the influence of gravity. In other words, we can make more things float in mid air.


So what can we do with this crazy technology?

First of all, we have to make some hoverboards, right? But I’m not talking about the ordinary balance car. I’m talking about the floating skateboard that can float in the air without landing.


We can even create “floating shoes” that can help us dunk, and “floating cars” that can relieve the pressure of morning rush. We can build floating cities to cope with the unprecedented population expansion. What we couldn’t do in the past, such as in the water or other steep rocky terrain, building large buildings can also become possible.

But anti gravity technology may play the most important role in our further exploration of space.


Space travel is likely to become safer and cost far less than before. Our spacecraft can be launched out of the atmosphere without rocket fuel. Because we can protect the spacecraft from gravity.

Anti gravity technology not only allows us to go to space, but also allows us to find a second home in space besides the earth. We no longer need to worry that the gravity on the planet is too big for human settlement. Because we can protect ourselves from gravity through anti gravity technology.


Yes, we also realize that there are many assumptions and unknowns in the realization of anti gravity technology, but when it comes to the mysterious existence of antimatter, there will always be some uncertainty. If you think antimatter is crazy, let’s wait and see.

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