What’s going to happen outside the universe? Scientists suspect there may be three answers

In this paper, I participated in the series of solicitations of the great astronomy and Astronautics of Recordunkown science

The vast universe is always full of infinite fantasy and mystery. For human beings, the universe is so fascinating. With endless space and infinite mystery, human beings begin to explore and guess the universe after they walk out of the earth.


In human consciousness, the most interesting thing about the universe may be whether there are boundaries in the universe and what are the scenes outside the universe? Some people may say that the universe is endless, without size or boundary. In fact, this idea itself violates the law of everything. There is no thing without size and boundary in this world.

Any matter has its size, from electrons and photons to stars, planets and the universe. We say that photons have no mass, but photons can not be without size. When you go into the micro field, you will find that photons, electrons and other particles also have size. In ancient times, people thought that the earth was boundless, boundless and no size. However, when humans walk out of the earth, we can clearly see from space that the earth is a sphere with diameter, mass, volume and size.

Before human beings walked out of the earth, the reason why we said that the earth is not big is that someone found that no matter where you start from on the surface of the earth, you will return to the starting point in the end. Therefore, many people think that the earth has no boundaries. Before human beings go out of the earth, it is very difficult to determine whether the earth has boundaries by walking on the earth’s surface.


One way to determine whether the earth has boundaries is to use telescopes to observe space outside the earth. The other way is to walk out of the earth. When either of these two methods is realized, we will know that the earth has size and boundary. In the same way, it may be the same when we use the universe. If we start from a certain point in the universe, we may eventually return to this starting point, which may be very similar to the earth.

Only when we can see the outer space of the universe or walk out of the universe, can we really understand what our universe looks like and determine whether the universe has boundaries. Of course, when we go to the boundary of the universe, we can also see the situation outside the universe. If one day human beings can walk to the boundary of the universe, what can we see? Scientists suspect there may be three answers.


1、 There is a larger universe outside the universe, which is equivalent to a multi-layer space. Many universes have a common center, and then around this center, a universe sets a universe. Beyond our universe, there is a larger universe that envelops us. The big universe and the small universe are intertwined with each other, which reminds us of a myth on the earth: there are 99 heavy days in the sky, each of which is equivalent to a universe, and they are intertwined with each other.

Although there are so many universes together, it is not so easy to enter another Universe from one universe. We can go to the edge of the universe and see a larger space than ours, but we have no ability to go out of the universe. To go out of the universe, we need more energy.

2、 There are many independent universes outside the universe. They are connected by special channels, through which they can reach another universe. This situation is completely different from the first one. The similarities are that there are many universes outside the universe. The first one is connected with each other, while the second one has a special channel to connect these independent universes. This universe is equivalent to a wormhole, which is a gate to the universe.


Therefore, when we go to the boundary of the universe, we will see that there is a network structure outside the universe. Many universes are connected by the network, and they are glued together by channels. In this case, it is relatively easy to get from one universe to another. As long as you can walk to the edge of the universe, you can see these connecting channels, and you can get to the nearest universe through it.

3、 There are many independent universes outside the universe, and there is no channel between these universes, which is also a multi cosmology generally accepted by modern science. Multivariate cosmology tells us that outside our universe is a more vast and mysterious space, where countless universes exist independently of each other. They were influenced by gravity before, which is equivalent to those individual stars in our universe. They exist independently of each other.


Before human beings go out of the earth, they regard the earth as the whole world, the whole universe. Only after walking out of the earth do we know that the earth is so small that it is just one of the countless celestial bodies in the universe. In the same way, before we have the ability to walk out of the universe, we will think that our universe is the whole world, but one day we will find out how ignorant this kind of cognition is.

When human beings have the ability to go to the boundary of the universe one day and see the space outside the universe, they will find that our universe may be just a dust in the countless universes outside the universe. Of course, one day when we can go to the boundary of the universe and see the scene outside the universe, we may not be able to go out of the universe. For example, human beings invented the astronomical telescope to see the space outside the earth, but it took a long time to go out of the earth.

What human beings go out of the earth depends on powerful energy. Similarly, if human beings want to go out of the universe in the future, they still need to rely on more powerful energy, which may be the dark matter that we have been studying and exploring. If you want to ask what is the strongest energy in the universe, maybe many people know it is dark matter, dark energy.


However, we know little about dark energy now, and the dream of mankind coming to the edge of the universe may also rely on dark energy in the future. Only by mastering this powerful energy can we break the shackles of space, traverse the universe, and finally go out of the universe to explore a broader space.

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