What’s hidden in the Mariana Trench? Why do scientists not calm down after seeing this?

At the depth of 10000 meters in the Mariana Trench, something disturbing appears. Scientists can’t sit still!


Every place on the earth has its own unique scenery. Since they exist, they have their own value. Have you heard of the Mariana Trench? It is the deepest trench on the earth. Because the heavy plate at the western end of the Pacific plate subducted beneath the crust, it finally formed the Mariana Trench. The depth is beyond recognition, about 10984 meters. Even if you throw the highest peak into the trench, you can’t even see it.

Because it is far away from the sea level, it is difficult for the sun to penetrate it. The creatures living in the trench are covered with darkness all the year round. They have almost adapted to this environment and developed their own skills. In 1960, mankind entered the deepest part of the Mariana Trench for the first time and discovered a little-known secret. With the help of science and technology, human beings have a deeper understanding of this great trench by using marine equipment. At the depth of 10000 meters in the Mariana Trench, something disturbing appears. Scientists can’t sit still!


Scientists discover things they shouldn’t see


What’s most unacceptable is that scientists have discovered that what they shouldn’t see is plastic. It’s hard to imagine that human beings should put their hands into the Mariana Trench. Plastic should not have appeared in this field, but now its existence has been detected, which undoubtedly sounds an alarm to human beings. Plastic has been widely used by human beings because of its high plasticity and low cost, but it has brought harm to the environment Most of the solutions are buried or incinerated, which not only pollute the air, but also pollute the soil, which is not the best solution.

From 1950 to now, more than 9 billion tons of plastics have been produced by human beings. As time goes on, the demand for plastics has gradually expanded. It is difficult to degrade. If it is thrown into the ocean, it will endanger the life and health of marine organisms. If it is sucked down by them, it will form an endless cycle. It is really a difficult thing to deal with plastics. According to statistics, nearly 30 million tons of plastic waste are discharged into the ocean every year, which will continue to spread to other places and eventually form a huge garbage dump.


How much damage does plastics do to the ocean system?


It will not only float on the bottom of the sea, but also sink into the bottom, seriously damaging the marine ecosystem, scientists are deeply worried. Once someone caught a kind of crustacean scavenger in the trench. When testing its body, it was unexpectedly found that the concentration of PCBs in its body was extremely high. This substance is very harmful to the environment, and it was banned a long time ago. Now it is found again, which is undoubtedly a dangerous signal.

Although human beings are at the top of the food chain, many of their actions have been destroying nature. Marine pollution has become an urgent problem. Even the only pure land in the Mariana Trench has been tarnished. We can see how bad human behaviors are. To solve these problems, we have to solve them from the root, reduce the use of plastics, and live a low-carbon life. If human beings do not introspect themselves, everything will revenge on human beings, even the earth will become a large garbage dump. What’s your mood when you see scientists find plastic in the Mariana Trench? You can leave a message for interaction.

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