What’s in the Amazon rainforest? Once the “lung of the earth”, why has it become a “forbidden zone for human beings”?

Tropical rain forest is very important to the earth’s climate. The Amazon tropical rain forest, known as the “lung of the earth”, plays an irreplaceable role. Although it is full of animals and plants, it has become a forbidden area for human beings. How terrible is it?


It covers an area of more than 5.5 million square kilometers, which is equivalent to two India. Although the rainfall is very rich, the whole year is muggy and humid, and the temperature is more than 20 degrees. The Amazon rainforest has the title of “Kingdom of animals and plants in the world”. Even now the earth’s environment is deteriorating, many new types of animals and plants can be found in the Amazon rainforest, which has become a hot spot for many biological explorers Lineage.

The origin of “life forbidden zone”


So why has the Amazon rainforest become a “life forbidden zone”? Scientists believe that it is precisely because the Amazon rainforest is rich in species of animals and plants, and it is easier to breed pests and bacteria in the hot and humid environment. Once humans enter the rainforest, they are easy to get infected with diseases. In tropical rainforests, there are many highly toxic organisms and large carnivores. If humans are accidentally exposed to them and bitten, they are likely to die. Dense ants, poisonous snakes and large spiders can be seen everywhere in the Amazon rainforest, which makes people feel afraid. Just like the most poisonous arrow poison frog in the world, it lives in the Amazon rainforest. Once it is targeted, it can only pray.


Water in tropical rain forest

Although these animals will not take the initiative to attack human beings, but in the harsh and unknown environment, human beings are unavoidably afraid of collapse. However, there are still some bold explorers who do not hesitate to go to the tropical rainforest in order to find rare creatures. If human beings decide to go to the Amazon rainforest, they must bring enough food and water. Although the water resources of the tropical rainforest are very rich, these waters contain a large amount of bacteria and microorganisms, which cannot be directly drunk. If you get lost in the rain forest and don’t have enough physical strength, how can you walk out?


Entering the Amazon rainforest is a gamble. Even if someone carries enough water and food and puts on heavy exploration clothes, they will still encounter accidents. If no one helps them in time, they are likely to lose their lives in the huge rainforest.


Human destruction of rainforests

Although the Amazon rainforest is terrible, the destructive power of human beings to the rainforest can not be ignored. With the reduction of the area of tropical rainforest, the habitats of animals and plants are also being destroyed, and many rare animals are also slowly decreasing. Now the forest coverage rate is less than 60%, and the main culprit is human beings.

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