What’s in the Amazon rainforest? Why is it called a human forbidden zone? Just look at the creatures here!

What’s in the Amazon rainforest? Why is it called a human forbidden zone? Just look at the creatures here!


Amazon rainforest is located in South America, known as the lung of the earth, with an area of 5.5 million square kilometers, spanning nine countries, and is currently the largest area with the most species on the earth. It’s called the natural oxygen bar. It’s very rich in species. Most of the oxygen on the earth is produced here, but it also has a very terrible name, which is called the forbidden zone for human beings. As the most primitive zone on the earth, no one can successfully cross the Amazon rainforest. So what is there in this isolated zone? Why is it called a forbidden zone for human beings?


Due to the special geographical location, abrupt climate change and wide variety of wild animals, if you accidentally enter the tropical rain forest, the chance of survival is almost zero, because there are still many wild animals that outsiders have never seen. The existence of these wild animals is no less than the weird creatures created in horror movies.


After entering the Amazon rainforest, because the forest is extremely lush here, and even in some areas due to the shading of the sun, they can not get through the sun, which leads to some areas become extremely humid. If you see some beautiful flowers, there is no doubt that there is a highly toxic. In many rivers, there are also groups of fish eaters. Python and poisonous snakes can be seen everywhere. It is impossible for human beings to survive in such an isolated and dark environment.


Once upon a time, after entering the Amazon, an exploration team photographed such a scene. The buffalo wanted to cross the river to find food. Unexpectedly, it fell into the river. In the turbulent River, a piece of piranha appeared, directly tearing the buffalo to pieces, leaving only a wreck. If someone accidentally enters the Amazon area, it is very likely that they will face the same dangerous situation as Buffalo. That’s why the Amazon rainforest is known as the forbidden zone for human beings. So how many species exist in this mysterious area?


In this forest, there are about 2.5 million kinds of insects, more than 2000 kinds of birds and mammals. The Amazon rainforest spans nine countries. Brazil alone has more than 90000 invertebrates. This is a paradise for animals and plants. This is just the discovery of human beings, and some animals and plants that human beings have never seen. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the Amazon rainforest. However, in recent years, the Amazon rainforest has begun to bear the heavy burden. Due to human activities, the Amazon rainforest is gradually shrinking.


In 2019, the burning wildfires in Brazil will cause severe damage to the lungs of the earth. In addition to human deforestation and wild animal hunting, the plant diversity of the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed. As a result, the climate of the Amazon rainforest will become worse and worse. The rare arid climate and the increasing extreme weather will make the Amazon rainforest more and more dangerous. What do you think of the Amazon rainforest?

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