What’s in the Arctic frozen soil that scientists are not calm about? Prehistoric creatures are everywhere!

What’s in the Arctic frozen soil that scientists are not calm about? Prehistoric creatures are everywhere!


There are many changes in 2020, especially the great change of temperature, which is unbearable. In many areas, the temperature continues to rise, breaking the historical records, which has brought great impact on human life. According to the relevant survey report, the temperature in the Arctic circle has reached 38 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature here was low all the year round, but now there is such a big problem. The melting of countless glaciers and frozen soil has led to the inundation of the surrounding houses.


Under the baptism of high temperature, there are always wildfires burning in the jungle, and countless creatures become homeless. This is nothing. The thawing of Arctic frozen soil brings far more harm than expected, which directly causes the collapse of buildings. With the leakage of 20000 tons of diesel oil, the rivers become bloody red, which is shocking. This touching picture implies that the earth’s climate is developing in the direction of extreme. What’s in the Arctic frozen soil that scientists are not calm about? Prehistoric creatures are everywhere!


The most worrying thing is nothing more than permafrost, which is irreversible. As time goes on, it will only become more and more serious. What is there in permafrost? This is a hot topic. Scientists have detected many prehistoric viruses, which have the possibility of resurrection. They have been buried under the earth’s surface for a long time and are in a dormant period. They have a chance to resurrect through corresponding scientific and technological means. The discovery worries scientists that they are not sure if the viruses are infectious.


Ancient creatures in Permafrost


If there is one, human beings will suffer. In June 2019, a rare wolf head was found in the Arctic permafrost. According to the survey, the length of the wolf head is up to 40 cm, with its mouth open and sharp teeth exposed, as if it wanted to eat people. Later, according to the investigation of scientists, it has a history of more than 40000 years, leaving only the wolf’s head. It’s not known where its body is. So why did it die? Some people think it is caused by natural disasters, while others think it is related to the behavior of the ancients.


In addition to the dragon’s head, scientists also found 42 000 year old paleontology. Unexpectedly, its urine was intact, and its body contained a lot of blood. In order to investigate, experts took blood samples and concluded that it was a foal. The cause of death was drowning in the mud and finally buried in Permafrost. Human beings have a strong curiosity about these prehistoric creatures. These discoveries have greatly promoted the development of archaeology. Do you realize that their appearance is a warning to human beings?


Although experts were very surprised to find the remains of these ancient creatures, many questions came one after another. Whether it was a surprise or a worry, we must have the answer in our hearts. What human beings say is that they are the masters of the earth. What have they really paid for the earth? Wantonly destroy the earth’s environment, endless demand for resources, the earth has been overburdened, now the frozen soil melting, found many ancient biological remains, where is the future of mankind? What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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