What’s inside a scientist? Einstein’s brain was stolen, but Edison’s brain was taken away

With the continuous progress of human society, the level of science and technology is also developing. In the process of development, many scientists have made great contributions to the human world. In the face of these scientists, we should have deeply remembered and respected them, but some people have “great disrespect” for them.


After their death, they were collecting and studying their body organs. The following three scientists, whom Xiaobian would like to tell his friends, suffered from this. After their death, they were all taken away from their bodies more or less by the world. Let’s see what’s going on!

Albert Einstein


The first scientist introduced to you is Einstein. Before Einstein died, he made a will in the hope that his body would be cremated. However, in 1955, shortly after Einstein’s death, his body was stolen by pathologist Thomas Stuart Harvey and taken to the laboratory for autopsy at Princeton University Medical Center in plansburg. Harvey excised Einstein’s brain, weighed it, and took it to the University of Pennsylvania for sectioning. He claimed that he hoped that the study of the cellular structure of the cerebral cortex would reveal useful information.


Harvey injected 11.4% formalin solution into the brain from the internal carotid artery, and then soaked the whole brain in 10% formalin solution. Harvey took pictures of the brain from all angles. He cut 240 pieces of the brain (about 1 cm3 each) and wrapped them in a plastic like material called corotincture. But in the end, not only did he not work out a reason, but also because of this theft, he ended up in disgrace.

Galileo Galilei


Galileo is a famous Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer. He is known as “the father of observational astronomy”, “the father of modern physics” and so on. In his life, Galileo studied velocity and acceleration, gravity and free fall, relativity, inertia, etc., and engaged in Applied Science and technology, described the nature of pendulum and “still water balance”, invented thermometers and various military compasses.


However, for such a great scientist, there is still no peace after his death. After Galileo died, his three fingers were cut off and used for exhibition to earn money. It was not discovered until he was buried. However, in the 100 years since his death, his fingers have been exhibited one after another, and even stolen again in an attempt to sell them. Fortunately, these three fingers have been found and are now placed in the Museum of the history of Science in Florence.

Thomas Alva Edison


When it comes to Edison, many people will think that he invented the light bulb. In fact, the electric lamp was not invented by Edison, but improved by him. In those days when living standards were relatively backward, people had to rely on candles and oil lamps for the night. It was not until Edison improved the electric lamp that the electric lamp had a chance to become a necessity of the house.


Some people even say that Edison lit up the world. From this sentence, we can also clearly feel the world’s recognition of Edison’s great contribution to his life. However, before he died, his friend asked Edison to keep a test tube for his last breath and save it. He thought that Edison’s soul could live forever.

These three are the great scientists we all know. After they have brought precious wealth to human development, they still have to suffer such “crimes” after death. Some people think that this is too cruel for them, they should not be treated like this; others think that their body parts are very valuable for research and so on. If we keep them, we may be able to study and point out the reason why Einstein is so smart!


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