What’s it like to marry a “human demon”? It’s a little embarrassing for a rich Chinese businessman to marry a demon queen

In Thailand, most transvestites are reluctant to have sex change surgery. Most boys, because of their poor families, choose transvestism from childhood in order to make a living. After all, they can make a lot of money in tourism.


In addition to having to put up with other people’s strange eyes, long-term injections of hormones that inhibit male hormones can also cause great side effects on the body, and life expectancy is usually not very long.

Therefore, people from rich families generally do not take the path of degeneration. Even the prevalence of transvestite culture has brought some entertainment. “Transvestite Queen” is such a product.


Pattaya holds a beauty contest every year to select the most beautiful human demon in Thailand. Therefore, all beautiful transvestites from Thailand will wear sexy clothes to participate in the competition, which has become a highlight of Thailand’s tourism industry.


However, many tourists doubt whether transvestites can get married. In fact, it is possible. For example, a Chinese married a Thai transvestite queen.

According to the interview, their life is very ordinary, just like ordinary little lovers, their love life is very sweet, although they can’t have children.


But this embarrassment once troubled them, and now it is no longer an obstacle to their marriage. If they need a child in the future, they plan to adopt a child and raise it wholeheartedly.


But the local tyrants in China are also very considerate of Nisa, and her demands will be met. Nisa has loved dolls since she was a child, but because of her family environment, she can’t afford them.

Now, however, his husband can satisfy his wishes, and the room is full of dolls. This kind of marriage life is actually quite enviable.

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