What’s new about the origin of human beings? They came ashore 300 million years ago and made us who we are

The question of “where we come from and where we go” has never been understood since ancient times. Although we still have no exact evidence for the origin of human beings, Darwin put forward a set of “scientific” theory – “the theory of biological evolution”, which “forcibly” explained the mystery of the origin of human beings.


In 1859, Darwin expounded a theory that can explain the mystery of human origin in his origin of species. According to the theory of evolution, biology develops from simple to complex, from low level to high level.

On the basis of the theory of evolution, modern scientists have made such a hypothesis about the origin of life: about 3 billion years ago, the earth had primitive oceans, but at that time, the earth’s environment was still very bad. Under the thunder and lightning, primitive oceans were formed, and the most basic substances that produced life were amino acids and proteins.


After a long period of evolution, these living materials have become single celled organisms, and single celled organisms have become multicellular organisms, multicellular organisms have become simple marine organisms, and simple marine organisms have evolved into more complex fish and other organisms. In order to adapt to the environment, marine organisms move from the ocean to the land and air.


About 530 million years ago, the earth ushered in the first explosion of life – “Cambrian explosion of life”. In more than 20 million years, all kinds of animals suddenly emerged on the earth, and they all came into being immediately. A series of animals, such as arthropods, brachiopods, wriggles and so on, which are basically the same as modern animals, have made a “collective appearance” on the earth, forming a prosperous scene that many kinds of animals exist at the same time.

About 230 million years ago, the dinosaur family was born. After dominating the earth for 160 million years, they died because an asteroid hit the earth.


In 30 million years after the extinction of dinosaurs, forest hominids began to breed on a large scale, and gradually migrated from mountains, caves, trees and other places to live in plain areas.


Five million years ago, Australopithecus appeared. After millions of years of evolution, it finally evolved into Homo sapiens. It established human civilization 5000 years ago and began to take over the position of “overlord” of the earth.

If the theory of evolution is correct, then we can summarize the ultimate problem of human origin in one sentence: today’s human beings actually evolved from a fish three billion years ago.


This seems incredible, but if we analyze it according to the theory of evolution, it is not impossible.


About 400 million years ago, fish began to appear on the earth, and fish is the oldest vertebrate. In order to adapt to life in the water, fish use “fins” to move. After 40 million years, the first amphibians began to appear on land, and marine animals would have to have the ability to crawl if they wanted to land.

In addition to being able to crawl, the skeletons in the fins have evolved lung structures that can get oxygen in the air.


With the ability to breathe in the air, these amphibians will face a choice: first, all gills will degenerate and live on land in the future; second, they will retain some functions and continue to live in the water.


Small partners with larger brain holes may think that for species that choose to live in the water, it is very likely that a branch will evolve into a mermaid.

The ancestors of oviparous reptiles chose to live on land. In order to adapt to the dry environment on land, they have evolved eggs with hard shells to ensure that the fertilized eggs can hatch successfully on land.


The ancestors of mammals come from another big branch of reptiles, called monobows, which are our ancestors.


This evolution must have been very difficult in the early stage, but later, after a long period of evolution, the fins became extremely developed, and some gradually evolved into walking limbs. There is a big gap between this stage of evolution and the initial morphology of fish.

Later, after living on land for a long time, the frontal structure of the body began to change qualitatively, for example, evolved into a forest ape. This form has evolved from Homo erectus to early Homo sapiens, and then from early Homo sapiens to late Homo sapiens, that is, new human.


However, it is difficult for some people to accept the idea that human beings evolved from monkeys. Now it seems inconceivable to suggest that human beings evolved from reptiles or even a fish. Do you think our ancestor was a fish? Welcome to comment area.


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